Technology News Briefs — Sept. 20, 2012

Galaxy Tab 10.1 Ban Continues

A federal judge has refused to lift a ban prohibiting Samsung from selling its Galaxy Tab 10.1 computer in the U.S.

The repudiation handed down this week in San Jose federal court concerns the ongoing war between Samsung Electronics and Apple over mobile devices made by the two companies.

A jury awarded Apple $1.05 billion last month after determining a number of Samsung Smartphones violated Apple’s iPhone patents. The jury, however, was unconvinced by Apple’s accusations that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 illegally imitated the iPad.

Samsung had asked U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh to suspend the ban forced on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in June. Koh ruled Sept. 17 that the ban would be kept intact because Samsung’s appeal of her original order is pending.

Netflix Updates for iPhone, iPad

Netflix presented updates for its iPhone and iPod touch apps Sept. 19, to provide better titles display.

The top of the new browse screen on the mobile app allows users to view shows watched earlier on the app or on the web. Users also can now tap on any title once to see information about the show and tap twice for instant playback.

Netflix also added more titles and galleries to the app, including a children and family gallery with titles organized by age.

The mobile app also now boasts rows of tailored TV show and movie recommendations as well as expanded search features.

The update comes a few months after Netflix released a new version of its video player for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

HTC Corp Launches Smartphones

HTC Corp launched two Smartphones running Microsoft Corp’s Windows Phone 8 software Sept. 19.

The phones, the company said, will be available in November through several wireless service providers around the world.

The Windows Phone 8X and the Windows Phone 8S will be marketed as the “signature” Windows Phone 8 Smartphones, said Jason Mackenzie, HTC’s global head of sales.

The phones are two more in a long line of recently launched Smartphones by other firms: Nokia, Apple and Samsung.

It’s All About Content

B2B marketers are dedicating a generous portion of their work hours to content creation and management, a September 2012 report from Optify found.

About three in 10 respondents spend more than 15 hours a week on content creation and management. Those who meet or surpass their lead generation objectives are about 50 percent more likely to spend that amount of time on content than their less profitable peers, the survey found.

And while 16.9 percent of those surveyed spend more than 15 hours a week on lead generation, “star performers” are twice as likely to do so. “Star performers” made up 47 percent of the overall sample.


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