Technology Briefs — Sept. 24

Iran Blocking Google

Iran is blocking access to Google’s search and e-mail services in favor of its own domestic Internet network.

The domestic network would control what information its citizens could access.

According to Slash Gear, the Iranian government has connected its government agencies to the new national network in a bid to improve the country’s cybersecurity. The Iranian government will now move the public to the new online program.

According to the report, citizens would be fully connected to the new network by March 2013.

Patent Wars Continue

Motorola and Samsung have won a patent fight against Apple.

A German court found the two companies did not violate Apple’s multi-touch patent.

According to Reuters, the technology is used on various Android-based devices from Motorola and Samsung. Android technology is now owned by Google.

A German court, however, recently found Motorola had violated Microsoft patents, awarding the Redmond-based firm an injunction against the offending products, the Reuters story said.

Samsung and Motorola have been embroiled in patent wars with Apple for more than a year.

Samsung lost recently in California when a jury awarded $1.05 billion to Apple in damages. Samsung is appealing.

Last week in Munich a judge ruled Motorola violated Apple’s “overscroll bounce” patent.

Hacker Gets Google Maps on iOS 6

Google Maps has found its way onto iOS 6 thanks to a hacker.

Engineer Ryan Petrich tweeted Sept. 23 he was able to persuade Google Maps to work with Apple’s software “with a little trickery.”

The self-professed iOS 6 hacker said he was able to get the iOS 5.1 version of Google’s app to run on an iPhone 3GS that had been updated to iOS 6.

He also posted a video clip of Google Maps working on Apple’s new mobile OS.


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