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September 27, 2012

4 Perks to Being Published in an Ezine

Article directories and websites are not the only options for publishing your articles online. There is another type of publisher: the ezine editor.

An ezine – an e-mail newsletter – offers a unique benefit to the article owner. The newsletter, which contains information about a particular niche, is e-mailed to subscribers on a particular day. Usually there will be an article or two that the ezine editor thinks his audience will find valuable.

Sometimes the ezine editor will write the content of his newsletter himself but, often, he makes use of free reprint articles. The next time you submit an article, consider there is a very real chance it may be sent to thousands of people interested in your niche. Now that’s encouraging.

When your article is published by an ezine editor, the same rules apply as if it was published on an article directory or other type of website. The editor must include your resource box in full with an active link (or links) going back to your website.

How is being published in an ezine different from being published on a website? What are the unique perks that ezine publications can give?

1 – Your article is delivered to people interested in your subject.

Marketing is all about getting you and your website in front of people who actually are interested in your services or products. The cool thing about ezine publications is you don’t have to wait for your readers to find your articles or your website by doing searches on the Internet. Instead, your article is e-mailed directly to subscribers. These are people who signed up to receive the newsletter, so they are already interested in your topic.

2 – When people read the e-mail newsletter and find your article helpful, they can click the link in your resource box and be taken to your website.

Some e-mail newsletters have tens of thousands of subscribers. Imagine your article was e-mailed to 50,000 people interested in your niche. There is a good chance a substantial number of those people would not only read your article, but also click the link in your resource box. That can translate into an avalanche of targeted traffic to your website in a matter of days.

3 – You and your business are brought to the attention of your target customers by someone they trust.

This is a very unique opportunity. When your article appears in an ezine, the editor is telling his readers he likes what you’ve written and trusts your knowledge. That goes a long way toward gaining the confidence of the reader. As you know, if a person trusts you, he or she is more likely to take your advice and buy your product or enlist your services.

4 – You don’t have to compete for attention. Very likely your article will be one of the only articles in the newsletter.

Have you ever felt like your articles on the Internet were swimming in a sea of content? That’s not the case when your articles are published in an ezine. You won’t have much competition for people’s attention – and that’s a great situation to be in. It makes it much more likely readers will take your article to heart and express an interest in getting to know you as the author.

Being published on the Internet is essential to marketing your website and getting a higher search engine ranking. But don’t forget about the special perks being published in an e-mail newsletter can bring. Your article will be in the spotlight and come to the attention of many readers in a short period of time. You also get the chance to start relationships with this group of ezine subscribers who are already interested in your niche.

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