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Instagram surpasses Twitter: study

It’s been a hard week for Facebook.

As shares continue to dip and marketers bad mouth the social network’s retail potential, Facebook users around the globe are complaining about private messages being made public on their profiles.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg, however, is ending the week on a high note.

The popularity of Instagram, a recent Facebook acquisition, is on the rise. In fact, the photo sharing app beat out Twitter last month in attracting American Smartphone users, according to a ComScore study released Sept. 27.

Instagram averaged 7.3 million daily active mobile users while Twitter had just shy of 6.9 million. And, on average, mobile users spent 257 minutes on Instagram and 169.9 minutes on Twitter last month, the study found.

According to AllThingsD, however, Twitter had approximately 29 million unique U.S. Smartphone-based visitors in August, while Instagram had slightly less than 22 million.

The discrepancy is due to the fact that ComScore’s numbers are based on usage across iOS, Android and BlackBerry OS devices that accessed both sites through native application as well as through mobile browsers.

The numbers also revealed that while Twitter had a larger number of Smartphone users visiting its site, Instagram’s users seem to return to the site more often and for longer intervals, comScore found.

Instagram acquired more than 50 million new users since Facebook announced its plans to purchase the mobile photo-sharing network this spring. Between its own site, apps and Instagram, Facebook easily dominates mobile social media usage.

It is now up to Facebook to create mobile advertising products to use Instagram’s assets, which according to comScore, are bringing users back more often daily and keeping them interested longer when compared to Twitter.

If Facebook is successful in marketing Instagram, it could be exactly what the company needs to pacify its share holders.

Investors sued Facebook after a flawed preliminary public offering May 18. Technical glitches at the NASDAQ exchange and allegations the company deliberately divulged unfavorable information about its business prospects to privileged investors is at issue. Facebook’s stock plunged as much as 50 percent after it was introduced at $38 per share.


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