Men a Better Bet for Facebook Advertisers

Men are easier marks when it comes to social media advertising.

Companies will get more for their money when Facebook marketing campaigns focus on male users, a new study has found.

Men are more likely to make a purchase or complete an action than women. Men, who make up 42 percent of Facebook users, produce 60 percent of all ad clicks, with an average cost per impression of 16 cents and cost per click of 51 cents, compared with women at 20 cents and 68 cents, respectively.

The study, conducted by Kenshoo Social and Resolution Media, examined 65 billion Facebook ad impressions and 20 million clicks from 2011.

Marketers spend more money targeting men compared with women on Facebook, the study states. More ads are served to men and a higher percentage than woman click through.

“Women represent the majority of Facebook users, but it’s cheaper to advertise to men,” said Alan Osetek, president of Resolution Media. “While this may seem counterintuitive given the laws of supply and demand in an auction marketplace, our advertisers capitalized on this trend and spent 53 percent of Facebook advertising budgets reaching men. As it turned out, ads targeting men performed better and thus warranted the increased investment. Men delivered better Exposure Rates and click through rates than women, increasing their value for marketers.”

Many advertisers continue to miss the mark, the report reveals, because men and women are being targeted in the same way. Customized gender targeting is necessary “to fully maximize advertising campaign returns,” the paper says.

The study offers marketers the following tips:

• Create finely-targeted ad segments by separating men and women and categorizing by age. “Smaller, highly-targeted ad segments enable more relevant and cost-effective Facebook advertising,” the report says.

• Use custom text and images for targeting men versus women. Different messages will get the attention of different genders.

• Adjust bidding strategies based on segment attributes, including gender. Don’t overspend to reach male consumers given the excess of inventory and lower rates available for targeting them.

• Monitor Frequency. An ad frequency of six is best Beyond that, people tune out and something fresh is needed to drive engagement.

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