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October 10, 2012

5 Reasons to Stay on Topic on Your Blog

Blogs are a terrific outlet for expressing yourself in a public forum, and the blogosphere offers many opportunities for connecting with likeminded individuals and sharing different viewpoints. As you begin to blog regularly you may gain a faithful audience that looks forward to the updates you provide on various topics, and over time you will inevitably develop a niche that is specific to your blog. Your audience will begin to have expectations for the type of material you cover and trust you to provide quality content that is on point and well-written. However sometimes it’s easy to get way off track when you’re writing and what may start out as an article about one topic can quickly morph into something else if you aren’t careful. This type of writing is confusing for readers and can discourage them from coming back on a regular basis, making it important to stay on topic as you write.

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