Technology News Briefs — Oct. 12, 2012

Court Lifts Ban on Sale of Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus

A U.S. appeals court has reversed an injunction on the sale of Samsung Electronics Co Ltd’s Galaxy Nexus Smartphone.

The move is a setback for Apple Inc in its ongoing campaign against Google and its popular Android software that powers many of Samsung’s devices.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruled the district court in California “abused its discretion in entering an injunction,” Reuters reported Oct. 11. The appeals court has sent the case back to a lower California court for reconsideration.

Samsung and Apple are embroiled in patent fracas in 10 countries as each accuses the other of copying one another’s mobile devices. The companies are going head-to-head as the holiday season approaches in a bid to dominate the mobile market.

In August, however, Apple was celebrating a major victory.

A jury awarded the company $1.05 billion after determining a number of Samsung Smartphones violated Apple’s iPhone patents.

$13 E-Reader May Hit Market

Think e-readers are too expensive?

German company txtr is hoping to market a bare-bones e-reader for $13. But first the company must get carriers on-board to subsidize the e-reader.

According to news reports, the company is in discussions with AT&T and Sprint.

The txtr beagle will allow users to sync books to the Bluetooth-enabled device via an Android app. An iOS app is being developed.

The five-inch e-ink device will not offer illumination or touchscreen capabilities and will run on two AAA batteries. txtr says one set of batteries will allow users to read 12 to 15 books.

Loyalty From a Suitcase?

What is as loyal as your dog? Your suitcase, of course, if you own the Hop.

Hop is a suitcase that automatically follows its user. The suitcase contains three receivers that receive, identify and triangulate signals from the user’s cellphone.

“A microcontroller interprets these signals calculating the phone’s position regarding to the suitcase,” the website description reads.  “The same microcontroller operates a caterpillar system based on compressed air, which follows the user at a constant distance.”

As a security measure, the suitcase will lock itself if the signal is lost. The user is alerted by vibrations from his or her cellphone.

The Hop suitcase is still a prototype and no timeline was given on when it would be available for purchase.

YouTube Mobile Views on Rise

Views from mobile devices account for one-quarter of all views on YouTube, says executive Robert Kyncl.

In fact, mobile use of the Google-owned video site has spiked from six percent to 25 percent in just 18 months, Kyncl says.

The company previously announced mobile traffic tripled in 2011 and stood at 20 percent of total views.

YouTube, until recently, had weaknesses that enabled hackers to embellish the number of mobile views some videos received. It also didn’t serve advertising on most of its mobile traffic.

YouTube has tackled those problems, however, and has launched a new mobile app for the iPhone that allows it to display ads.

Google to Launch New Android Oct. 29

Google is set to reveal its new flagship Android phone Oct. 29, according to news reports.

Various reports have confirmed that LG will make the phone, which is the most recent addition to the company’s Nexus line of Smartphones and tablets. It is also rumored Google will team up with Sony, HTC and Samsung to produce other Nexus phones in 2013.

LG’s Nexus phone, which may be called the LGNexus 4, is to be unveiled next month.


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