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October 16, 2012

20 Ways to Market Your Business on Pinterest

Pinterest opened for business in 2010 and, in 2011, Time Magazine listed Pinterest in an article titled “50 Best Websites of 2011.” It quickly rose to be one of the top social media sites.

Part of the reason for Pinterest’s fast ascent to fame is its aesthetic appeal. You can use images and combinations of images to make your “pin board” look great. Everyone feels positive when they create something beautiful. This is why people love Pinterest.

Here are 20 ways you can start adding Pinterest to your social media marketing mix:

1. Make your profile name the same as your business name.

2. Remember to write a small paragraph about you and your business in the “about” box on your profile.

3. Connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts to your Pinterest account and share your pins there.

4. Add your URL to your profile.

5. Comment, repin, and “like” pins from other people. This will grow your followers and content.

6. Remember to pin your videos too. You can do that from YouTube.

7. Put a description with your image and put your business name in the description. This will stay with your pin if it is re-pinned, which will help you go “viral.”

8. Use the embed option in Pinterest to publish pins as content on your website.

9. When writing your blog, use pictures and pin them using the “pin it” button. This will link back to your blog.

10. Add a “follow me on Pinterest” button to your blog.

11. Use good keywords in your description of your pins so that they can be found in a Google search.

12. Find your Pinterest page’s RSS feed. Click the RSS feed symbol which can be found under your profile photo and use it the same way that you use other feeds.

13. If you have a WordPress blog, use the Pinterest widget to show your latest pins.

14. If you have staff, add them as contributors to your boards. Your boards will look good and your staff will love doing it. You can have a contest for the best board.

15. If you sell products, you can create prices for your pin. Just add the $ or £ sign followed by numbers in your description. These pins then could be featured in the “Gifts” section on Pinterest.

16. You can create a pinboard that tells your company’s story and use it as part of your sales process.

17. You can pin tutorials or “how to” infographics on your board.

18. Create a board with photos of your company’s team members. Write a bio in the description of each photo.

19. You can curate pins just like you curate articles and news. If you are a trusted source for information and resources, you will attract more followers.

20. A testimonial board or contest board can be created with testimonials from your clients or pins of your images that they find inspiring.

Pinterest is not only a winner in the social media game, it can increase the flow of traffic on your blog or website. Start using Pinterest today to engage with customers and create beautiful pinboards to share your content in various ways. You will increase your social media reach, leads, traffic and sales as a result.

Hannah du Plessis is an online marketing specialist and copywriter. Visit Attraction Marketing today and receive a FREE Report: “10 Magnets To Attract Clients.”