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November 9, 2012

Blackberry 10 Passes U.S. Security Testing

Research in Motion (RIM) has secured a key U.S. government security clearance, paving the way for its not-yet-released BlackBerry 10 to be the device of choice for the feds.

RIM said its BlackBerry 10 received its U.S. Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) certification. Translation: the devices can be used to send classified data between government employees.

The Ontario company said this is the first time a device has been certified before its launch.

“Achieving FIPS 140-2 certification means that BlackBerry 10 is ready to meet the strict security requirements of government agencies and enterprises at launch,” Michael Brown, vice-president, Security Product Management and Research at RIM said in a Nov. 8 press release.

“What differentiates BlackBerry is that it integrates end-to-end security, and includes certified encryption algorithms for data at rest and data in transit. No other mobile solution has achieved the level of security accreditation that the BlackBerry solution has.”

The Blackberry 10 is currently in the testing stage courtesy of 50 phone carriers around the world as the company gears up for their release next year.

The carriers, which RIM declined to name, are checking to make sure the new devices are compatible with their systems, the company said Oct. 31.

The testing phase is a “key step” for the BlackBerry phones and BlackBerry 10 operating system, president and CEO Thorsten Heins said in a statement.

RIM plans to have the new Smartphones in stores during the first quarter of next year, but hasn’t publicly set a date for the release.

RIM is pinning all its hopes on the Blackberry 10.

With a net loss of $235 million in the last quarter, RIM desperately needs the Smartphone to be a success.