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November 26, 2012

Facebook Wants Its Workers Droidfooding

Facebook is imploring its employees to start ‘droidfooding.’

The social networking site wants its employees to get on board with Facebook apps on the Android platform and is going all out to encourage them to make the switch from Apple’s iOS.

The campaign is a bid to ensure a balanced use of both operating systems among Facebook staff. Currently, site staff tend to be iOS-heavy because “in the early days” employees were largely give iPhones, a Facebook spokesman told TechCrunch.

The campaign includes posters splashed around Facebook headquarters. One poster sports the image of Google’s Android logo robot behind a dish of dog food. “Do you ‘droidfood?,” is printed at the top of the poster. At the bottom, Facebook asks its employees to “switch today.”

Another poster has the message ‘Here come the Androids’ emblazoned across the top. Beneath the main message, a graph shows the difference between iPhones and Android Smartphone shipments. The graph shows Android as the clear winner.

The program has been a partial success, although employees remain attached to their iPhones, a Facebook spokesperson told TechCrunch.

“We’ve created more awareness that Android devices are available,” the spokesman told TechCrunch. “There’s plenty of people here carrying around both devices, and not just engineers and not just mobile people. So while the posters ask employees to “switch”, it seems they’re pretty attached to their Apple products. At least there are more Androids in pockets at 1 Hacker Way.”

According to the TechCrunch article, Facebook automatically updates its employees’ Facebook apps to the most recent beta available. If a user discovers a problem with a Facebook app, all they have to do is shake their Smartphone to activate its built-in “Rage Shake” feature resulting in the bug being automatically reported.

The new focus on Android should mean an improvement on the stability of Facebook’s Android app offerings.