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November 26, 2012

Online Shopping Skyrockets Over Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving Day 2012 was all about turkey, football … and online shopping.

Online traffic increased 71 percent this year over 2011 with the top 500 retail sites receiving more than 181 million U.S. visits, according to Internet traffic-watcher Experian.

Retail traffic increased 46 percent on Thanksgiving Day versus the day before, Experian found.

Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, BestBuy and Sears were the top five sites this year with all sites seeing substantial growth on Thanksgiving Day versus the previous day. was the No. 1 retail site on Thanksgiving Day with more than 25 million online visits in the U.S. This does not factor in mobile traffic.

Wal-Mart followed close behind with 24.6 million U.S. visits.

Target and Best Buy each had slightly more than 11.4 million visits while Sears jumped to the top five with six million visits after ranking sixth the day before.

Among the top five sites, BestBuy had biggest day-over-day growth with 104 percent. Wal-Mart and Sears had a 92 percent and 90 percent growth respectively. Target enjoyed an 80 percent growth and Amazon only 16 percent.

The online shopping trend continued on Black Friday with a traffic increase of 60 percent over 2011. The top 500 retail sites received more than 179 million total U.S. visits.

“So far this Holiday week of online traffic to the top retail sites is up seven percent on average,” wrote Matt Tatham with the consumer behavior and retail division of Experian in a blog post.  “Online retail traffic was down one percent on Black Friday compared to Thanksgiving Day 2012 traffic this year.” and Wal-Mart remained the top visited retail sites on Black Friday placing first and second respectively.

BestBuy moved to the third place position while Target placed fourth. JC Penney leaped from being the eighth most visited retail site on Thanksgiving Day to the fifth on Black Friday. Among the top five sites, JC Penney saw the biggest day-over-day growth at 26 percent.

Of the top 20 retail sites on Black Friday, the Apple Store enjoyed the biggest day-over-day growth at 99 percent.