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November 28, 2012

Technology News Briefs — Nov. 28, 2012

No More Anonymous Google Play Reviews

Google Play users can no longer submit anonymous reviews of books, games or apps.

Users must now either sign in or sign up with Google+ to write a review which, from now, on will be publicly linked to your Google+ name and picture.

So far, Google has not given users the option to turn off the feature.

Only time will tell if Google’s latest move will cut down on user reviews.

The update is launching slowly — first on the Web version as well as some Smartphones. It is to be launched in full on the mobile Google Play store app soon.

Apple Fires Manager Over Maps Fiasco

Apple has fired Maps manager Richard Williamson for the debacle that is Apple Maps, sources have told Bloomberg.

Bloomberg reported the move as an attempt to win back customers’ trust.

The publication indicates inside sources said senior vice-president Eddy Cue fired Williamsom. Cue apparently intends to instate a new management team for the Maps division. The sources did not say who Williamson’s successor would be.

The man behind Apple’s Maps app, Scott Forstall, was asked to resign late last month after his refusal to sign a letter apologizing for the app’s flaws.

Forstall, head of Apple’s iPhone software development, led the unit was responsible for the Maps app which has been widely criticized by consumers and analysts alike. He is to leave the company in 2013. In the interim he is serving as adviser to CEO Tim Cook.

iPhone, Android Surpass Blackberry

BlackBerry is no longer the Smartphone of choice of workers around the world, according to IDC findings reported by Computerworld.

Apple iPhones and Android-powered Smartphones are now the devices of choice.

Businesses are purchasing iPhones “in droves,” although Android Smartphones are by far the device most purchased directly by workers, IDC found.

IDC is forecasting consumer shipments of Android Smartphones in 2012 will arrive at 351.9 million, employee shipments will total 87.7 million and corporate shipments will amount to 15.1 million.

Apple will ship 78.6 million iOS-based iPhones to consumers, 37.1 million to workers and 31.1 million to companies.

Together, the purchase of iPhones and Android devices will overtake BlackBerry sales for the first time.

Employee shipments of Research in Motion’s BlackBerry in 2012 will reach 5.2 million, while consumer BlackBerry shipments will total 14.8 million, projects IDC.

The iPhone will lead corporate Smartphone shipments through 2016 with 68.9 million, according to IDC.