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10 Free iPhone Apps You Will Use Every Day

Few mobile devices are as relied upon and heavily used as Apple’s wildly popular iPhone, thanks largely to their marketing departments and the power of the App Store. While there are a variety of paid applications on the market for iPhone users to use that perform all types of different wonders, many of the best and most regularly used apps powered by the iPhone are free. These are 10 of the free apps that people tend to use on a daily basis:

1. SoundHound – You’ll never have to struggle to find the name of a great song you hear in passing ever again with this incredibly useful and free app, which automatically detects the song that you’re listening to in as little as four minutes. With the world’s fastest music-recognition capabilities and a LiveLyrics feature that turns your iPhone into an impromptu portable karaoke party, you’ll definitely use SoundHound heavily.

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