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December 27, 2012

Technology News Briefs — Dec. 27, 2012

New iPad Rumored to be Launched in March

Rumors are swirling that Apple is gearing up to unveil a new iPad in March 2013. According to Japanese blog Macotakara, the new device will be similar in detail to the iPad Mini but with 9.7-inch display. It will be also be a thinner, lighter version of the previous iPad.

The report also calls for the next iPad Mini to be released with a Retina display.

Macotakara cited unnamed sources for its report, and it has not been confirmed whether Apple would be planning to release an iPad so soon after its last launch in November.

According to NinetoFive Mac, Macotakara has previously reported correct information about the measurements of unreleased iPads.

Netflix Back Online After Christmas Eve Crash

Netflix customers were out of luck Christmas Eve if they were planning a TV night.

The world’s biggest video-streaming service was offline from 3:30 p.m. until late Christmas Eve.

Netflix spokesman Joris Evers told Bloomberg the outage was caused due to issues with Amazon Web Services, an online business host that’s separate from the online retail store.

“We are happy that people opening gifts of Netflix subscriptions or Netflix-capable devices this Christmas morning can watch TV shows and movies and apologize for any inconvenience caused last night,” Evers wrote in e-mail to several media outlets Dec. 25. “We are investigating the cause and will do what we can to prevent re-occurrence.”

Amazon, which rents data storage and computing resources to other businesses, is also functioning properly, spokeswoman Tera Randall wrote in an e-mail to Bloomberg.

“The service is now functioning correctly, and we’re heads down making sure customers are operating smoothly.”

Apple Nabs SIM Patent

Apple has won a patent that covers how SIM cards can effortlessly be replaced or removed in a device, according to news reports.

According to CNet, the patent encompasses several ways of putting in a SIM card, such as the “plunger system.” With this method — which lessens the likelihood of damage if inserted the wrong way — a user pushes on a plunger rod to pop out the SIM card. The patent was initially branded by Patently Apple.

The patent includes numerous types of SIM cards, large to small. It also encompasses several devices such as cellphones, tablet, netbooks, laptops, monitors and media centers.

Apple’s patent victory follows its epic battle with other technology titans over the future of SIM card design.