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December 27, 2012

Three Entrepreneurs That Went All-in with Guest Posting and Won

In 2012, Google made it clear that automated directory requests and spun articles spread across thousands of blogs and article receptacles wouldn’t cut it as a sign of quality any longer. Content publishers must make a conscious decision: Adapt and prosper or keep spinning Ezine articles and remain in obscurity forever.

The prior sounds like the more desirable choice to me.

But how does one adapt? One way is to finally start producing content worth being published on websites with a real audience. One of the most straightforward ways to do that: Guest posting on high-quality blogs.

In this article, we will examine three entrepreneurs that went all-in with their guest posting efforts – and it paid off with enormous amounts of traffic and business success. Familiarize yourself with their stories and duplicate their actions to achieve similar success with your own website.

Entrepreneur No. 1 – Leo Widrich is the cofounder of, a popular social media tool that enables users to pre-schedule updates on networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. But when Widrich first released BufferApp, no one knew about the tool or what it did. You might be able to relate to this situation with your own website.

To spread the word about his tool, Widrich went on an extremely ambitious guest blogging campaign in which he wrote about 150 posts over nine months. Initially, his results were paltry. Some posts sent a measly two to three visits to his website. However, through consistent posting across different websites, the results gradually increased.

Over a period of nine months Widrich worked to get his content published on more popular blogs. He also tracked, which websites sent him the most traffic by using analytics. The net result of his efforts after 150 guest posts: 100,000 new users according to this report from .

Interestingly, our next entrepreneur followed almost the same type of aggressive guest posting.

Entrepreneur No. 2 – Joseph O. of turned his success driving traffic through guest posting into a business. Joseph O. applied a similar strategy of high-velocity guest posting where he would, at times, have more than 30 guest posts published in just one month.

After one year, Joseph estimates his website received more than 120,000 visits, referred to his website through search engines alone due to the ranking as a direct result of guest posting. No other promotional tactics were employed.

Similar to’s cofounder Leo Widrich, Joseph O. attributes consistency with guest posting as a key to his success. You won’t begin to realize these results overnight. But if you keep your head down and stay focused there will be a payoff.

Entrepreneur No. 3 – If you follow the SEO industry closely, you’re already familiar with Anne Smarty, founder of <a href="”>, a community that connects blogs with guest posters. Anne Smarty was a longtime contributor to numerous authority websites before launching her own guest blogging community.

Today, is one of the top 3,000 most visited websites, according to . As awareness of the effectiveness of guest posting continues to grow, so will this website’s user base. Not surprisingly, Smarty continues to publish content regularly across industry blogs and websites in part to promote her community and personal brand.

What You Can Learn From Each of These Entrepreneurs

While each of these entrepreneurs employed a similar strategy to generate buzz for their projects, it’s important to note some of the nuanced similarities of their stories:

• No Cutting Corners – Each of these entrepreneurs wrote high-quality content to submit to real blogs. None of them tried to game the system by publishing re-spun or regurgitated articles to blog networks or article directories. Quality matters.

• Consistency – Both Leo Widrich and Joseph O. specifically mention they received very little traffic when they began guest posting. Only after contributing content to dozens of websites did they begin seeing results. Consistency is critical.

• Have a Goal – Guest posting alone does not create a successful business. Widrich, Joseph O., and Smarty each direct users to real websites that help folks solve a specific problem. This is a critical point to remember. Consistent guest posting can send loads of traffic to your website when done right, but you’ve got to have something of real substance to turn those visitors into users and customers.

Things to Consider Before Getting Started

Like any form of link building, you shouldn’t get too leveraged to using one tactic. If Google decided to devalue websites with a high percentage of links from guest posts your website could be negatively impacted. The best practice is to continue acquiring links naturally by producing link-worthy content, participating in social media, and yes… even submit your website to a few directories to increase your overall link diversity. Guest posting should only be one way of increasing the traffic and authority of a website.

Brett Lindenberg blogs about marketing and home business at Feel free to ask him questions on Twitter or in the comments section below.