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Samsung Releases Android 4.1 Premium Suite, Company Expected to Ship 510M Devices in 2013

http address shows online mobile websites or internetSamsung has a belated Christmas gift for owners of the original Galaxy Note — the release of the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for the device.

The update, courtesy of Samsung’s Android 4.1 Premium Suite, has several benefits aside from the Jelly Bean update, the company says.

A multi-window feature enables users to view and perform multiple tasks on the same screen without transitions and a popup note allows users to write down information while on a call.

“Popup note will intuitively open when you pull out S Pen or double tap the screen,” the Samsung website reads.  “Popup video and browser allow users to watch video or browse the Web while per forming other tasks.”

Photo note and photo frame allows users to write notes on the front or back of their photos, while easy clip lets users crop text or an image from any screen “to save or share easily.”

Paper artist allows the user to choose from various picture-editing effects, while the suite’s S planner gives users the ability to send handwritten notes to themselves. The enhanced S note enables users to create notebooks with images, videos and templates.

“Use sketch effect for various photo effect and image filters with color picker, you can pick any color you want directly from any images and draw with it,” the website reads.

Meanwhile, the Korea Times is reporting Samsung anticipates shipping 510 million cellphones in 2013 — a 20 percent hike over this year.

An executive from one of Samsung’s major suppliers told the Korea Times “of the 510 million handsets it plans to sell, 390 million are slated as Smartphones and 120 million, feature and budget phones.”

Also, Samsung announced Dec. 27 it has sold more than 10 million Galaxy devices in India since debuting the Galaxy S in the country in June 2010.

Although Samsung did not reveal the individual success of it devices, the company did say the Galaxy Y series, Note series and SIII together contributed more than 50 per cent of the sales.

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