Profitable Content Creation – What Happened After They Told Me I Couldn’t Write (True Story)

writingContent marketing is a great way to build your online business. The problem is, most people who teach content marketing stop at the point of creating content. Creating profitable content is essential – and there is so much you can do with that content.

That’s why, when I teach, I expand content marketing into the five things you need to be successful online in any niche: content creation, online visibility, traffic generation, list building and product creation.

A Funny Thing Happened Along the Way

As some of you know, I never finished my Ph.D. in marriage and family therapy back in the late ’80s/early ’90s. Have you ever been told you could not do something? If you’re anything like me, that just makes me want to do it all the more, if for no other reason than to prove the naysayers wrong.

When some members of my dissertation committee told me I couldn’t write well at all, however, somehow that got to me – I took them at their word.

So because I believed I couldn’t write, I didn’t finish my dissertation and I didn’t get my Ph.D.

In 1994 I started writing a weekly column about relationships for the local paper and my private practice became full to overflowing. I must confess, I did get a kick out of having a full practice while others with a Ph.D. were struggling.

Not too long ago, someone from the dissertation committee signed up for one of my content creation workshops. That’s a day I still celebrate.

As author Richard Bach says: “Argue for your limitations, and sure enough they’re yours.”

I like to say, and sometimes accidentally change Bach’s quote into: “Argue for your limitations and you get to keep them.” Same message, and it is worth taking with you.

Bottom Line: Be careful, be very careful, about the limitations others, and especially you, try to put on yourself.

So what’s to be learned from all this?

Here are a few tips about writing and creating content:

1. As stated above, don’t accept the limitations others put on you. In fact don’t accept the limitations you put on yourself. These limitations are only beliefs. It can be quite fun to challenge those beliefs and prove the naysayers wrong.

2. I probably still couldn’t write academically if you held a gun to my head. And, fortunately, I don’t want or need to do so. Neither do you. All you need to do is write conversationally. In other words, simply write like you talk.

3. No. 2 works because prospects are attracted to your voice. Not the audible sound of your voice, but the way you approach and solve problems. That is your voice, and no one else can deliver it like you.

4. If you can write a five-item grocery list, you can create profitable content based on your own expertise. You can then turn that content into a powerful presence on the Web, attracting a lot of traffic to your sites. You can build a highly qualified and responsive list community and create profits by creating, marketing and offering information products based on your content.

The truth is, I’ve been creating content to build my businesses, both offline (a thriving therapy practice from 1986 to 2006) and online (helping entrepreneurs build their online business with content marketing 2006 to present), since 1994.

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