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January 17, 2013

Mobile Marketing: A Powerful Tool For Your Business

Mobile marketing has steadily been growing for the past couple of years and is expected to double every year for the next five years, as more and more people use Smartphones or other wireless mobile devices. Marketing experts predict mobile marketing will grow into an $20-billion industry.

If you are still in the Dark Ages, and wondering what mobile marketing is; it is a way to engage with those customers who only use wireless devices like Smartphones, iPads and tablets to access the Internet. The key word here is “engage” – building relationships with your customers.

Mobile marketing is also a preferred way of marketing to your customers because they have to give you permission to do so. This includes clicking on a link to opt in, or downloading an app. Your customer can buy your offer immediately and even pay for it from his mobile device, giving instant gratification.

Another reason why mobile marketing is preferred, is the demographics: mobile users are usually in the 18 to 49 age group and usually have a degree and a higher paying occupation, which makes them better able to afford the device.

Other benefits of mobile marketing:

1. It is more affordable than other forms of advertising – just a normal text message fee.
2. You can reach out to people anywhere. You are not limited to your physical area, but to wherever the mobile phone is you are trying to reach.
3. The response rate is higher than with a flyer or classified advertising.
4. The mobile device is a personal item belonging to only one person. You can, therefore, target your marketing more precisely to that person or a group of people like him.
5. The mobile device has joined the wallet and keys as something you always take with you. This means that you can reach your customer anywhere, at any time and that they will read your message almost instantly and act on it.
6. It is easy to pay from a mobile device as payment processors are built into them.
7. You can track the payments back to the mobile number which means you can create a profile of your customer and his buying preferences.
8. You can accurately measure the success rate of your advertising as a result of being able to track sales.
9. The mobile is highly interactive because your customer can text back to you with questions he may have.
10. Wow factor – because mobile marketing is fairly new, most customers have yet to experience it. This makes you and your messages stand out.
11. Your customer can easily share his messages with others, which gives your advertisements the potential to go viral.

You owe it to your business to look into mobile marketing as a new tool for advertising directly to your target market.

Hannah du Plessis is an online marketing specialist and copywriter. Visit Attraction Marketing today and receive a free report: “10 Magnets To Attract Clients.”