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January 21, 2013

The Changing Face of Campaign Management

Few aspects of running a successful business have changed more drastically in the last few years than campaign management. More specifically, the content included in campaign management has shifted from a traditional distribution platform and into the world of mobile marketing.

Content marketing has always been a process filled with trial and error. That is truer today than ever, especially with new trends that have recently emerged and additional strategies on the horizon for 2013. Those people who can identify these trends and learn from them have a great opportunity to position themselves for success. Those who cannot identify the trends and fail to learn from their mistakes are doomed to be left behind.

The changing landscape

In the past, campaign management was much more broadly focused than it has become. The goal was to get your brand in front of as many people as possible. With the landscape transitioning toward not just a mobile environment but a social one, these methods are no longer able to guarantee the same type of success. The message itself — that your brand or product is the solution to a customer’s problem or needs — has not necessarily changed. The delivery method, on the other hand, has changed drastically.

Campaign management has focused on a variety of different areas. Promotion through social networks like Facebook and Twitter allows users to share information about a product more easily than they’ve been able to in the past. Likewise, targeted e-mails designed for mobile devices allows those customers to carry your message with them wherever they go.

One of the key components to successful campaign management in a mobile environment is the identification of unique buyer personas. Accurate customer analysis can help you more easily identify why a specific type of person is more likely to be interested in your brand over that of a competitor’s and vice versa. It can help you identify why your brand is most likely to be important to a particular segment of the population and how your product can help make their lives better.

New trends for a New Year

The continued use of social media marks one of the biggest continuing trends throughout the campaign management landscape. Ten years ago, it was common for every brand, product or service to have its own website. Now, many brands focus primarily on Facebook pages and dedicated Twitter profiles to spread their message. Companies will continue to focus on building loyalty-based relationship with customers. As in all relationships, however, those companies must realize a relationship is a two-way street. The customer needs to have the ability to opt out of any aspect of a relationship they don’t like, enjoy or actively agree with, including campaign delivery methods like e-mails and SMS text messages.

The face of campaign management has always evolved naturally over time, but it has never evolved as quickly or as drastically as it has in the past few years. To succeed in the ever-changing landscape, you and your company need to identify not only where the industry is, but where it is going. Failure to do so will result in your brand being left behind as customers flock to those who are more accurately able to meet their needs and desires in a new, mobile world.

Joseph Baker has worked in the business world for more than 10 years, specifically in management. He has led development and management teams, and implemented budget reductions both professionally and as an independent contractor. He is also an avid blogger and inbound marketer, with published topics ranging from social media trends to search media metrics and algorithmic trends.