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February 12, 2013

Reasons Why Your Marketing Fails

You know you need to do marketing if you want to sell more, don’t you? Selling is easy; your customers give you money for a product they buy, yes? Sadly, this is not true and most business owners find it difficult to sell.

The answer to your problem is a simple one: You need to give your prospects the information they are looking for on the Internet. Once you do that, you will generate more leads and have more sales as a result.
What do your prospects want? What information are they looking for?

Before any prospect buys from you, they need to: want what you’re selling and know, like and trust you. If you take the same approach other small business owners take with their marketing and focus only on getting attention and then getting the sale, you will not have much success. The reason for this is your prospects want to know if your product or your service is what they want, and whether it will solve the problem they are having.

Perhaps you have all the tools you need for marketing, and spend time and effort on it and you are still not having results.

There are many reasons why marketing plans fail. However, the main reason is usually the marketing plan was not the right one for your business. Businesses are all different, and that includes those that sell the same products or services. Each business has its own USP (unique selling point) and targets different groups. This is why you can’t expect one marketing plan to work for every business.

It is important, therefore, to find out why your marketing plan failed.

Do your research

You need to do a lot of research and obtain as much information about your plan as possible. You need to know your target market intimately. Research is the way to get there.

Perhaps you have more than one target market. It is always better to market to each group separately rather than together. If you have been marketing to all your prospects together, that could be the mistake you made.

You also need to research your competition: Their prices, their packages, the layout of their ads, what techniques they’re using and how often they advertise. Keep in mind though, your marketing efforts should be different from that of your competitors. You need to stand out from the crowd.

If you just copy the competition, your customers will notice and your marketing will fail.

Get the right marketing tools

The next step to ensure your marketing is a success is to obtain the right tools. There are many to choose from; video, social networking, mobilem, e-mail marketing and the usual promotional tools.

You need tools that are easy to use and don’t need much maintenance yet give maximum results. The right tool will enhance your marketing and keep your plan from failing.

Take massive action

Nothing works without action. Marketing is an activity and should form the biggest part of your business. It is not a “set and forget” component of your business. You need to be actively involved and engaged in your marketing. You also need to update messages regularly. This goes for e-mail and text messages as well.

Your videos should be of high quality — engaging, interesting and relevant. The videos should be related to your company and the products and services you offer.

You need to set aside a time every day for your marketing, and follow a plan that is updated regularly.

There are many reasons why marketing may fail. Lack of research is one of the main reasons, followed by using the wrong tools. Take the time to get as much information as possible so you can make the right decisions in implementing a successful marketing plan.

Article by Hannah du Plessis. To learn more about mobile marketing and how it can help you, visit Attraction Marketing today, and sign up for the mobile toolkit.