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February 14, 2013

10 of the Best iPhone Calendar Apps

While Apple’s popular and powerful iPhone mobile device does have a native calendar, there are so many spiffy versions in the App Store that it can be difficult to justify using the standard app. These 10 calendar apps are among the best that the App Store has to offer, whether it’s by virtue of their beautiful interfaces, ease of use, or ability to streamline a series of tasks to boost productivity and leave more time in the day for enjoying the little things. With these upgrades available, why would you ever even consider using the bare bones calendar that the phone comes with?

  1. Calendar Buddy – This $0.99 calendar app helps you maintain your schedule by allowing you to add entries quickly and update them automatically. The currently supported categories include religious calendars, academic calendars, music calendars, business calendars, miscellaneous calendars, entertainment calendars and international and domestic holiday calendars.
  2. Calendar Countdown: How many days left? – Some events in life are so exciting that you want to be able to build a countdown to mark the passing days. This $0.99 app helps you do just that, making the event permanently visible on your Home screen. You won’t even have to open the app to see the number of remaining days until your big event!
  3. Calarm: Calendar Alarm Clock – Pairing a calendar app with an alarm clock, this $0.99 app will allow you to set an alarm for all of your big events, ensuring that you never oversleep or miss an appointment because it slipped your mind. It even uses the native iPhone calendar, so no connection to the Internet is necessary.
  4. Agenda Calendar – While this calendar app is a pared-down, simple offering, it’s also powerful enough to keep all of your to-dos and appointments organized with a few touches of the screen. Integration with Reminders and a clean, easy-to-navigate interface sets this $1.99 app apart from the competition.
  5. Week Calendar – Set your schedule for the entire week so that you can access your appointments and tasks that need to be completed at a glance. The native iPhone calendar app, which does not include a week overview, is improved upon significantly with this $1.99 version. Events can be created quickly and organized easily, linked to specific people in your Contacts, and set for alarm notifications, greatly simplifying schedule management.
  6. Calendars by Readdle – This $6.99 calendar app plays nicely with both Google Calendars and iPhone’s native calendar, letting you manage your events both on- and offline. SMS reminders, recurring events, invitation management and appointments are simply a sampling of the features managed by Calendars, which also syncs automatically to ensure that it’s up-to-date.
  7. Easy Calendar – A weekly planner app that improves upon the iOS native calendar, this $1.99 app is designed to help you manage frequent and recurring tasks, as well as supporting one-off events. With a few taps you can set up and manage new events, edit them, and maintain a three-week landscape view to keep up with your extended schedule.
  8. Fishing Calendar – For avid anglers, this $4.99 app is a blessing. Not only will it store catch information including photos, location, size and weight of your hauls, but it also predicts the probability of catching fish at a particular spot on any given day. Access moon phase information and integrate with Maps to make sure that you’re the most well-informed fish fanatic on the water.
  9. Pimp Your Calendar – The ability to fully personalize and customize this free app is one of its main selling points, as it allows you to change the images, color scheme and display in a number of ways. Set up custom repeat events, implement notifications that use your own customized alert sounds, and expand to a view of the entire week so that you can plan your week from start to finish in any way that you see fit.
  10. Calendar Statistics – Analyze and Visualize your Schedule – Not only does this $3.99 app let you set events and manage your schedule, it also allows you to obtain a graphical overview of exactly how much time you spend completing specified tasks and attending meetings. Analyze the number of meetings you attend during a given period and how long they collectively lasted to determine where all of your time goes.

Your iPhone calendar apps can manage your to-do lists, send you reminders, or even help you pinpoint the best day to go fishing. What they can’t do, however, is keep you and the other drivers around you safe if you’ve chosen to use them while you’re on the road. Making sure that you adhere to highway safety laws and that you’re not texting, emailing or creating calendar events while you’re speeding towards your destination can help you arrive there safely, with no accidents along the way.