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February 14, 2013

Bug in iOS 6.1 Allows Anyone to Bypass iPhone Passcode

It just got easier for anyone without scruples to access your iPhone.

A video posted on YouTube illustrates how to “bypass iPhone 5 passcode” on Apple’s latest iOS releases, including iOS 6.1.

The uploader of the video demonstrates how simple it is to access the phone application on a passcode-protected iPhone. Once accessed, the person can view and modify your contacts list, listen to your voicemail, and peruse your photos.

iPhone_5_PF_Black_wPods_PRINTTo exploit the iOS 6.1 bug, the hacker would open the emergency call function, push down the power button and tap cancel. Next, the hacker would dial 112, tap green and then immediately red before returning to the passcode screen.

“Keep pushing down the power button …1…2…3…seconds and before showing the slider ‘turn off’…tap the emergency call button and …voilá,” the instructions under the video read. “Then without releasing the power button press the home button and ready…”

The video, published Jan. 31, was not discovered by the media until today (Feb. 14).

YouTube poster videosdebarraquito described the video as a way to “prank your friends, for a magic show. Use it as you want, at your own risk, but…please…do not use this trick to do evil.”

This isn’t the first time this type of bug has popped up — there was a similar security issue with iOS 4.1 which was corrected in the next version: iOS 4.2.