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February 18, 2013

Parents Join Facebook to Keep an Eye On Their Kids

Study Finds Nearly Half of Moms and Dads Check Children's Profiles on Regular Basis

Many parents love Facebook, but not because it keeps them connected with old friends — they love it because it helps them keep tabs on their high school- and college-aged children.

In fact, nearly 50 percent of all parents using Facebook have joined specifically to spy on their kids, a new study by Education Database Online has discovered.

“Even if your parents don’t write directly on your Facebook wall, you might be surprised at how often they take a peek at your profile, just to make sure you’re staying out of trouble,” reads the Education Database Online Blog.

“Nearly half of the parents who have Facebook accounts look at their son or daughter’s profile every single day, and one in two parents on the social media network confess that part of why they joined Facebook was primarily to keep an eye on their kids.”

The study found 43 percent of parents check out their children’s Facebook profile every day while 31 percent check four to five times per week.

Not all parents check up on their children, however. Fourteen percent look at their children’s Facebook profile only sporadically, 11 percent check only once a month and one percent never even take a peek.

Parents most often check their children’s status updates (41 percent), what other people post on their walls (39 percent) and the photos they are tagged in (29 percent).

Although Facebook’s rules require children be at least 13 to use the social networking site, the study revealed about 7.5 million under-agers are members — another concern for parents.