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March 4, 2013

The Most Underrated Web Design Tools of 2013

Web design is one of the fastest changing areas of technology. The use of websites — as business tools, for e-commerce, to garner information or for social purposes — has only increased demand.

As the demand for Web design grows, so to do the number of technologies used to create Web designs.
This article lists some of the most underrated website design tools, many of which you have likely heard about, but never tried.

Plagiarism checker
One of the biggest nightmares for website designers and developers is duplicate content. When a site’s content is stolen by spammers or scrapers, it is a headache for the site owner because it cuts down authentic website traffic, and exposes the site to lawsuits. PlagTracker can protect you from the site owners who steal your content. Running content through the tool will determine if it is original or is appearing on multiple sites. The benefits of knowing are immense: it gives you authority over those who steal your content and it is good for SEO.

Opera Mobile emulator
Opera is one of the largest mobile browsers. If you want to make your website compatible with mobile, this tool will enable you to do so efficiently. This program exists as an independent desktop application and as an online, Web-based dimension.

Adobe Brackets
Adobe is the world’s leading Web design, development tools and software provider. The Adobe bracket is an open source editor you can use for website design and development. Released under the MIT license, this tool is effective with Web design technologies like CSS, HTML and JavaScript among others. The tool also has a quick edit function you will find instrumental in the editing of various code.

The Google Rich snippet-testing tool
The Google search snippets generally enhance how your website appears in the search engine results. This tool also helps you determine if your site’s Web pages are correctly marked up by schema. Having this information is good for your site’s performance and progress.

Coding App
Coding App is another revolutionary website coding tool you need as a Web developer. This tool can help you automate the coding process, especially if you are doing respective code work. By managing the repetitive function, Coding App saves time, freeing you up for more meaningful work.

The life of a Web developer or designer is quite fast and, sometimes, we need to be on the move. Codeanywhere is a tool that enables coders and site developers to do their coding from any location. This means you can make changes to code, or log on to your file servers away from your workstation as long as you have the login details.

Cloud 9 IDE
This tool is similar to Codeanywhere. The creators of this tool believe the life of a developer is not limited to one particular location. This tool offers Web developers a space in the cloud. It enables you to work on your website design and development files anywhere there is Internet access.

For every coding and website design tool you use, often is a better, simpler and more efficient alternative. Start experimenting with these tools to become a better, more competent Web developer.