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March 7, 2013

New Version of AdWords Full of New Features

Google’s latest version of AdWords (API v201302) comes complete with new features and a number of changes to the existing services.

Version 201209 is now “deprecated and will sunset on July 1,” reads a blog post from the AdWords API Team.

Highlights of the new AdWords were posted on the Google Ads Developer Blog this week:

• Campaign Service changes for natively managing enhanced campaigns — Google has added the enhanced field to the Campaign object.

• AdGroupAdService changes to submit mobile preferred ads — Google is adding the devicePreference field to the Ad object for you to be able to submit mobile preferred ads.

• Improved and more flexible ways to manage extensions — Google is introducing a set of new FeedServices that allow you to manage site, phone, and app link extensions through custom data feeds.

• New bidding structure — Introducing a more flexible structure to set ad group and criteria bids, that simplifies the management of bidding transitions.

• Programmatic management of MCC to client account links — Google is adding new methods to ManagedCustomerService, that enable you to invite accounts to be managed by your MCC, accept such invitations, revoke existing links, and move links between MCCs.

• The ability to select the bidding dimension for the Display Network — A change to the AdGroup object that allows you select the contentBidCriterionTypeGroup for your absolute bids on the Content Network, instead of relying on the old fixed order of bids.

• New Reports — Introducing many new reports, such as the placement performance report. To find more about them visit the reports documentation.

• Multiple enhancements to TargetingIdeaService and TrafficEstimatorService — Added the ability to filter by network through the NetworkSearchParameter and published a new metric, average CPC, for the TargetingIdeaService. Keyword StatsEstimates now contain two new attributes, impressionsPerDay and clickThroughRate, for the TrafficEstimatorService.

Six new guides covering key features of v201302 are also available on the Developers site. The guides are:

• v201302 migration guide: Covers all breaking changes introduced in the new version. Review this guide for a summary of client code changes required when migrating from v201209.

Enhanced campaigns guide: Enhanced campaigns are the next generation of AdWords campaigns. Refer to this guide for details on upgrading your legacy campaigns with the API.

Managing account links guide: In the new version, Google has published an API to control account linking. This guide now covers all steps required to add or remove a managed account under your MCC.

Feeds guide: AdWords API v201302 contains four new services used to manipulate feeds. This guide describes each of them and covers typical feed use cases.

Bidding guide: Bid setting and bid transitioning were simplified in API v201302. This guide provides new bidding objects usage examples.

Shared sets guide: Shared negative keywords lists and placement exclusions are now available in the API as beta features. If you are a beta user, check out this guide for more details.