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March 11, 2013

Facebook to Become Ideal Platform for Sharing Love of Books, Music, TV and Fitness

Facebook has not stopped at cleaning up its cluttered news feed.

The social media site is also improving its platform to enable its users to “capture memories and share experiences through the apps they use.”

“Books, movies, TV and fitness comprise an important part of who people are,” reads Facebook’s developer blog. The site is now launching “new actions to give people better ways to express those things.”

New actions for lifestyle apps

The Open Graph, which supports a number of activities such as watching videos, is adding new common actions:

facebook new-OG-actions-3

Facebook image

• Fitness: run, walk or bike;

• Books: read, rate, quote, want to read;

• Movies and TV: rate, want to watch.

With fitness, for instance, common activities such as running, walking or biking can now be shared on news feed or as Timeline stories that include bar charts, maps, and stats depending upon the data provided by the user.

To learn more about how developers’ can publish the types of activities Facebook members want to share, click here for more information: fitness, books, and movies and TV.

facebook bar_chart_shadow

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“We want people who use your apps to be excited about how their stories are presented in news feed — whether they’re sharing a major life moment, like their first marathon, or something smaller, like finishing a book they were reading,” the blog says. “We’ve worked with a variety of lifestyle app developers to tailor the new actions and News Feed stories to meet common use cases.”

According to the blog post, early data has revealed average likes per story have more than doubled.

All apps using these new actions will be reviewed by Facebook to ensure they meet the site’s criteria. Any apps that previously used custom actions must transfer to the new actions by July 10.

Facebook listed some lifestyle apps have already added the ability to share the new actions. They are:

• Fitness: Nike, Cyclemeter, Endomondo, Jawbone UP, Log Your Run, MapMyRun, Runkeeper, Runmeter, Runtastic, SPLIT Multisport GPS, Walkmeter

• Books: Bookshout!, GoodReads, Kobo, Random House Inc.’s BookScout

• Movies and TV: Rotten Tomatoes, Hulu, Flixster, Fandango, Crackle.