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March 18, 2013

Aviary Debuts Photo-Editing Software for Windows 8 Developers

Aviary and AMD have teamed up with Microsoft to bring an APU-optimized photo application to Windows 8.

Aviary, a web-based photo-editing software firm, today launched Photo Editor SDK for Windows 8, a program designed for apps on Windows 8 tablets and PCs.

Due to its partnership with AMD, a semiconductor design innovator, Windows 8-powered devices that run AMD processors can use Aviary’s photo-editing tool immediately.

“At Aviary, we’ve built the best SDK for photo editing, sharing and monetization. Having the direct support of AMD has allowed us to push even further ahead and expand to Windows 8,” said Aviary CEO Tobias Peggs in a press release.

“AMD’s APUs allow us to enable the most processor-intensive photo effects we have ever been able to offer. They’ve helped to push our technology forward and, in turn, end users can push the limits of their creativity even further.”

Aviary image

Aviary image

Aviary’s photo-editing software is already included in Twitter, Flickr and Photobucket to name a few. The popularity and functionality of the software should make it easier for Microsoft to convince developers to build apps for Windows 8.

Rather than constructing their own software, developers can now simply grab Aviary’s tool kit — it will significantly decrease their workload because it offers a library of photo editing effects and filters for the easy incorporation of the photo editor into applications.

“We worked closely with AMD and Microsoft to build this SDK from the ground up, optimizing our photo-editing technology by leveraging unqiue AMD APU architectural advantages,” an Aviary blog post reads.

“We’ve achieved significant performance improvements by implementing filters and effects through the new heterogeneous compute language C++ AMP. Computations are performed on the highly parallel graphics processing unit (GPU) cores inside the AMD APU instead of the more serial central processing unit (CPU) cores. Applying CAMP allows for processing of our complete range of filters and effects instantaneously — on average 16 times faster than comparable processors, according to benchmark studies conducted by AMD.”

Aviary’s Windows 8 SDK is launching with six partners: Rowi, Memorylage, Vol8t by Volevi, MyFrames, Photo Annotater and Selektiv.

Those wishing to try out the features and functionality of the SDK can download Aviary’s Photo Editor app for Windows 8 from Microsoft’s app store.

Those who need help in the integration of Aviary can send questions to