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March 20, 2013

Microsoft Bolsters Analytics Offerings With Purchase of Swiss Company

Netbreeze Known for Natural Language Processing, Data Mining

Microsoft is keen to offer users of its Dynamics CRM product more social insight.

To that end, the software giant has snapped up Netbreeze, a Swiss company pioneered by analytics scientists, which specializes in social media monitoring and analytics.

The acquisition — which was announced to the 11,000 people attending the company’s annual Convergence conference this week  — will enable Microsoft to embed social monitoring capabilities across its Dynamics CRM offerings. Dynamics CRM is Microsoft’s customer relationship management tool.

“The capabilities acquired with Netbreeze will enable us to bring social analytics and monitoring to our Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers to help them drive sales, optimize campaigns and engender customer loyalty,” the company said in a statement.

Although terms of the deal were not made public, it appears Microsoft is eager to get the ball rolling on integration of its Dynamics CRM with the Swiss firm’s capabilities.

Netbreeze’s technology is unique because it can combine natural language processing with data mining and semantic text analysis, says Microsoft executive Bob Stutz.  Netbreeze supports 28 different languages including English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Traditional Chinese or Mandarin.

Stutz says the technology is miles ahead of competing solutions that translate to a common language before analysis begins, meaning some sentiments could be lost in translation.

Netbreeze also offers the ability to monitor a wide array of social channels including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, as well as 6,000 online news websites, 18 million blogs and 500,000 message boards.

“We all know that social media has changed consumer behavior by giving people a very powerful voice that they are not afraid to use,” Stutz said. “Our customers realize they need to listen to what is happening across social media and news channels so they can monitor sentiment and analyze trends in order to take effective action to drive sales, optimize their communications and identify their loyal advocates.”

Stutz said Microsoft will provide its customers with access to Netbreeze’s  rich data across all their marketing, sales and service teams “so that each and every person using your CRM system can have this consumer insight at their fingertips.  Delivering these capabilities is a critical part of our social strategy.”