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March 26, 2013

Google+ Has a ‘Gif’ for You: Animated Profile Pictures

If you are bored with traditional profile pictures on your social media accounts, Google+ might have the answer.

Google’s social network is giving its users “a special gif” — the option of using an animated GIF in place of a photograph.

“You can now use an animated gif for your profile photo,” says Google software engineer Matt Steiner. “It will animate on the profile page on both desktop and mobile.”

GIFs are short animated clips that run in an unending loop.

There seem to be only two reactions to the move by Google+ — either people love it or hate it.

The comments on the blog post announcing the ability to use GIFs as a profile picture ran the gamut from: “That is flipping cool as heck. Rock on,” by Amy Singer to Bill Archinal’s “I thought about making one of these, and then I remembered…..I’m not an idiot.”

Matt Steiner, Google+ image

Matt Steiner, Google+ image

The GIF profile picture option follows Google’s recent move to make it easier for its users to find animated GIFs.

The technology giant recently added a new filter to its image search tools to allow users to ferret out the short animated clips such as the ever-popular grumpy cat meme.

When performing an image search, users must click on ‘search tools’ below the search box, then select ‘animated’ under the ‘any type’ dropdown box.

Google has also added a second filter.

“If you’re after the perfect picture of Easter basket clipart ( but must have one with a transparent background, simply select ‘transparent’ under the ‘any color’ dropdown box,” reads a recent  Google+ post.

Those wishing to make a GIF for their Google+ profile, can check out these tutorials recommended by Google.

The best one seems to be ‘How To Make A Gif For Your Blog In Just 5 Easy Steps (Or Less!)’ by Chelsea Burcz.

For visual learners, check out the video below.