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Technology News Briefs — March 28, 2013

tech_newsGmail Update for iOS Adds Time-Saving Features

Gmail’s latest update of its iOS Gmail app is all about function and organization.

Version 2.1 for iPhone and iPad allows users to swipe left or right to move between messages without returning to the inbox.

“Additionally, it’s now easier for you to take action on multiple messages,” said software engineer John Barr.

Selecting a message in the inbox now enables edit mode. A simple tap on messages allows the user to choose which to archive or delete from the new actions bar. The user can select cancel at any time to exit edit mode.

The update also enhanced general performance and fixes bugs.

The latest version of Gmail is available in the App Store.

Google Glass to Be Made in U.S.

Google Glass, one of the most-anticipated devices planned for release later this year, will be made by Taiwan’s Foxconn — but in the good ol’ U.S.A.

A Financial Times report indicates Google’s computerized head gear will be assembled by Foxconn at a facility in Santa Clara, Calif.

According to the Financial Times, the combination of the small scale, elevated cost, and complexity of the device made Glass an ideal candidate to be assembled on U.S. soil.

It is thought the first round of Glass will go to the 8,000 winners of Google’s Explorer contest — they must all shell out $1,500 for the privilege of being the first owners of the device.

Glass is expected to be released to the general public before year’s end for less than the $1,500 early adopters are paying.

Ericsson-Microsft Deal in the Works: Sources

Ericsson is in talks with Microsoft regarding the acquisition of the software firm’s mobile TV service, Bloomberg is reporting.

Sources told Bloomberg Microsoft hopes to sell its IPTV division, dubbed MediaRoom, which creates software used by phone companies to deliver television via the Internet to a variety of devices, including Smartphones, tablets and computers. The sources indicated a deal could be announced in a matter of weeks.

If the sale goes through, Microsoft would then focus on delivering mobile TV through Xbox, the report said.

For Ericsson, the sale would help it to bolster its software capabilities as well as deliver another service to its wireless customers.

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