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April 16, 2013

Photography and Social Media — a Successful Partnership

Photos and social media are ideal mates and are great for use in online marketing campaigns,

Photos share well on social media and you can put your logo on them as a watermark to increase exposure for your website.

If you go to an event that fits in with your business take your camera and be on the lookout for photo opportunities to use in your campaign.

Here are my tips:

  • Having a good camera and flash helps, but that is far from the end of it. Having a good camera helps you to capture the imagine, even in low-light settings. Having a big camera makes people take you seriously (I know….).
  • Having a good lens can make a good camera take great pictures.  If you are just starting, you may consider a lens that offers some amount of zoom and as large of an aperture as you can afford.  Prime lenses (one’s with no zoom) are typically a bit sharper, but not quite as versatile as a zoom lenses.  Once you’ve warmed to your camera, you will probably start thinking about expanding your lens collection.
  • A large part of taking good photos is about your attitude. You do not want to get in the way, but you need to have the confidence to ask to take people’s photos, and do so confidently so they are put at ease and are good subjects.
  • Framing the right shot so you make your subjects look good in the photo also matters. Make sure you get just the right amount of room around them and check what is in the background.
  • Use Photoshop. Changing the levels and colors in the photos after you have shot them can make OK photos look stunning.
  • Photos of beautiful people get a lot of attention and a lot of likes on Facebook. So try and find some attractive people at the event.
  • Posting your event photos on Facebook during or just after the event is far better then posting days or weeks later.
  • Take a photo of the event organizer and tag him or her, so people will find your photos. If you make the organizer look good, he or she will invite you to future events.
  • Group photos work well because if one person is tagged, their friends can find it.
  • If you make someone look great, they will promote your photos for you.

Shooting professional-level photography is easier and less expensive than it was in the past. Cameras now have more features at a lower price.  Even high-end consumer models can take professional looking photos.  Now is a great time to become a photographer, whether it’s just a hobby, or something you want to do promote your business.

Murray Newlands is an author, speaker and TV host. He runs an international media agency, Influence People, based in downtown San Francisco, and has a proven track record of consistently delivering desired results to his clients. You can read his blog at