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May 7, 2013

Nokia Lumia 928 Ad Hints Long-Awaited Smartphone Coming Soon

Nokia’s Lumia 928 appears to be just around the corner.

The company is advertising its long-awaited Smartphone in the latest issue of Vanity Fair.

The ad appears to focus primarily on the Lumia 928’s camera which will boast PureView technology ideal for low-light conditions, a Carl Zeiss lens and Nokia’s optical image stabilization system.

The ad reads: “Even in low light. Nokia exclusive PureView technology, Optical Image Stabilization and high-end Carl Zeiss lens. Capture and share amazing blur-free photos and videos, under any light conditions.”

The ad also has a large Verizon logo in the upper left-hand corner, indicating the wireless carrier will sell the Lumia 928 — its first high-end Smartphone powered by Windows.

The Finnish firm also posted the photograph used in the Vanity Fair ad on its website, but without the information. The caption simply reads: “Stay tuned for updates about the newest Nokia Lumia.”

Nokia is expected to unveil the Lumia 928 at a press conference in London next week.

The launch of the 928 may help Nokia to continue its recent rise in fortunes.

The Finnish firm boasted a $269-million profit and an 11 percent rise in net sales in its fourth quarter report for 2012 — no small feat considering Nokia was more than $1 billion in the red at the same time the previous year.

Nokia’s devices division was bolstered by strong holiday sales of its Smartphones — 6.6 million devices. The firm moved a total of 15.9 million devices in the fourth quarter: 9.3 million Asha devices, 4.4 million Lumia handsets and 2.2 million Symbian devices. Although the firm sold 20 million Smartphones in the same quarter the previous year, the average sale price of its handsets has increased with the improvement in the devices.

CEO Stephen Elop said the company is focused on “continuing to improve our product competitiveness, accelerate the way we operate and manage our costs effectively. All of these efforts are aimed at improving our financial performance and delivering more value to our shareholders.”

It is likely the Lumia 928 is a large part of the company’s bid to better compete in the cut-throat Smartphone market.