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May 14, 2013

Five Tips to Boost the Effectiveness of Your Mobile App Marketing

Mobile app marketing is a promotional approach to target mobile audiences by creating mobile apps users can download, either for free or paid.

Using this method allows you to promote your product or service with great apps. Of course, this marketing method has been used since Smartphones became popular several years back but it is still effective today. In fact, more and more companies are using mobile app marketing to drive new customers into their business. If you want to attract more customers to your business using this method, here are five tips to boost the effectiveness of your mobile app marketing:

1. Spread your app across many platforms

You can publish your app on only one platform, iOS for instance, but it won’t give your app maximum advantage. Why? There are hundreds of thousands of potential customers waiting for you who are using Android platform, not iOS. That’s why you should release your app on multiple platforms. It will ensure maximum reach for your app.

2. Let users to download your app for free

This will depend on the business model that you want to use. Do you want to make money with your app or do you want to just attract more customers to your business using your app? If you want to make your app a marketing channel for your product or service, you should make your app free to users. If you’re giving away a free app, more users will download it and you’ll have more potential customers coming your way.

3. Keep your app simple in order to lower development cost

Developing apps for mobile platforms can be costly, especially if you don’t know anything about mobile app creation. That’s why you need to hire a good app programmer to create an app for you. But, the more complex your app, the more costly the development cost will be. For a free app, it should be simple, especially if you are planning to use this app for marketing purposes. Make it user-friendly and make sure that it can be used for years to come.

4. Use social media to create buzz about your app

The best channel to promote your mobile app is via social media. Of course, you should create a buzz about your app on your website as well. But, social media is a good channel to create viral traffic for your app. When you create a new mobile app for your business, you need to maximize the use of social media in order to spread the word about your app. Put an ad on Facebook, create a Facebook fan page and create a new Twitter account for your app. Be sure to let people know about the app via other channels such as PPC, banner ads, blog ads, and so on.

5. Make your app useful, problem-free, and high quality

The most frustrating thing for Smartphone users when they’re looking for a new app is that there are hundreds or even thousands of junk apps out there. As a result, most people have difficulty in choosing the best app for their phones. In fact, many people install an app, try it for several minutes, and then uninstall it. That’s not all either — they often will leave comments about the app to let others know how bad it is. That’s why you need to make your app useful, problem-free and of high quality to attract good comments from the users. Moreover, if you have a high quality app in place, you can not only be proud that it was created by your company, you can be sure it will help your firm to gain loyalty and trust from customers.

Anil Valvi is founder of Dynastic Tech, focused on search engine marketing, natural link building, guest blogging, mobile app marketing, online reputation management and content marketing through helping online businesses. Learn more at his personal website or follow on @anilbvalvi