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May 23, 2013

Four Benefits of Cloud Computing for Your Online Business

Cloud computing is one of the newest phenomenons in the online business world that is taking companies to new levels of efficiency.

Many small- and medium-sized online businesses are choosing to improve their efficiency by making use of the greater computing power cloud computing can give them. This power is usually provided by a third party.

Since small businesses can now delegate their mail storage, customer care, data storage, software delivery etc. to the cloud, they can compete with larger businesses without being forced to foot a large technology bill.

Here is a look at how you can use cloud computing both to improve your efficiency and increase the opportunities available to your small online business.

1. You will have fewer operational issues

The third party that provides you with your cloud computing services will use standardized processes. Standardization helps ensure there are fewer errors and issues with your processes. This will give your business certain continuity. As a result, you will spend less time trying to fix operational failures and spending more time on the important things such as drawing more customers and connecting with them.

With cloud computing, you will be able to use the same service or integration of several services each time and in similar projects. You will, therefore, see the same result each time. This predictability will help you to have services based on predetermined design patterns.

2. You can open up new business models
With powerful computing within your reach, you can now have access to various projects and business models that had not been possible in the past. You can start new innovations and open up new streams of revenue. There are many companies that are using cloud services dedicated to build completely new propositions and business models and offering new services. Small businesses are doing this the most. Other examples include Spotify, a digital music portal that brings mood-specific music to all devices ranging from tablets, mobile phones, computers and home entertainment systems.

3. You can achieve business agility
With having a reliable third party offering you remote assistance with several processes, you can get the computing resources you need exactly when you need them. This means that you will be able to deliver results in a more timely way. You will also be able to provide cheaper services because efficient business will bring your own overall costs down by reducing the time to send your product to the client.
As a result, you will be able to offer your services at competitive rates and attract the loyalty of your customers. It can be possible for cloud computing to bring down a project such as a data analytics project to three weeks from a projected time period of four months.

4. You can make better use of resources
When you find your brand launching and completing projects that are more efficient, and that your employees are spending less time on struggling to fix operational issues, you know you are making the most of your resources. You and your employees now have valuable free time to devote to other activities that can add value to your business and help it grow.

Of course it’s not easy to quantify such value, and it differs from business to business. However your employees are assets as well and, therefore, if they are able to engage in activities that improve them, this is valuable for the business.

With cloud computing, you will also find yourself benefiting from what is known as the ‘economies of scale.’ Your cloud computing service provider will be able to make better use of physical resources and bring down consumption of energy when compared to standard traditional ways.

It’s important to note that cloud computing third-party services are usually provided without a contract. What is great about this short-term operational expense mode is that you are not making any long-term commitments in this case. You don’t have any upfront expenses, which is great for small businesses with limited funds. You can start your projects much faster than if there was an upfront expense required and can also end the projects quicker with no loss through investments in cloud computing.

Take the lead today and see what cloud computing can do for your business. You will be surprised at the true power of what is known as the cloud.

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