Using Software and Specialized Services to Manage Brand Image

exclusive-marketing-bBusinesses are not built overnight. Most of the big corporations we see today are the culmination of years of hard work by the founders with a particular focus on building a unique image.

Each business has its own image – some are known for great prices, some for excellent customer care, and others for honesty. There are businesses reputed for adopting superior technologies and investing in research and development. No matter what a company is known for — that image adds value to its brand.

Maintaining Brand Image – Old versus New Years before the coming of Internet, businesses used the services of public relations officers from within the company as well as outside to maintain their  integrity. Tracking generally was a simple affair in those days. Rumors and misconceptions were generally countered with press advertisements and press releases. However, things are a little more complex now with social media coming to the fore. The popularity of social media means businesses use it not only for marketing products but also for managing their brand’s image.

New Tools that Businesses Use for Tracking the Web Retaining a positive business image online is no small feat. Most business use specialized tools to keep track of what is happening online. Such tools enable businesses to:

  • Help evaluate how much a company or brand is being discussed on the Web;
  • Help users to view the latest information about products, services and brand;
  • Help to read blogs that mention the user’s brand, company or products;
  • Help to find information about new posts submitted via Facebook and Twitter;
  • Help users take note of the negative and positive things people are saying about a business’ products and services;
  • Offer insight into what the user’s competitors are doing on the Web.

Managing Your Business Where the Action Takes Place Business image management is at its best when your company is proactive. That means businesses have to reach out to customers — not the other way around. You need to showcase your business where related products are being discussed and bought or sold. It is not humanly possible to keep track of every place where the action is happening 24/7 — that is where software and/or hiring an expert comes in. They help to:

  • Publicize your company’s performance by giving information like addresses, phone numbers, contact information, products and other statistical data.
  • Assist your business by linking your company’s professional website to websites that complement it.
  • Mark the location of your company, your stores, your resellers, your agents, distributors and partners on maps to make it easy for customers to find.
  • Place your products and services at strategic locations in places where customers gather in large numbers.
  • Produce and promoted video via social media to reel in prospective customers.

Business Image Management is a Continuous Effort The business of brand image management is more complex than ever before. You cannot set up a tool and sit back and relax. To track your company’s image, you need to make use of software to ensure all your other tools are producing results. You can use the software for finding out how your product is selling, where it is selling, and what you will need to do to sell more. These types of software will be able to report on:

  • Product performance in select locations region-wide, city-wide and even country-wide;
  • The average time your website visitors spend at each of your Web pages;
  • How often visitors come back to your website, and the conversion rate;
  • Industry-wide visitors and demographic information;
  • Regional and international market performance;
  • Information on how your product is performing against the competition.

Many small businesses leave the task of brand image management to specialists. This leaves small business managers more time to concentrate on core business activities like quality enhancement and new product development. Using software or expert services gives businesses more leads to pursue, new territories to explore, the ability to maximize return on investment (ROI), the ability to better-understand customers’ needs and, finally, help with advertising and marketing. The article is written by Kathryn Smith, a tech and entertainment blogger. Kathryn also contributes for distance learning blog  and shares her findings related to Internet marketing, blogging and other technical issues.

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