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June 13, 2013

Four Ways to Use eBooks to Grow Your Business

The smart business owner is already aware of how important blogging is to his overall social media marketing strategy. Harnessing the power of the Internet and social media has helped many a business to grow, boost ROIs, enhance brand credibility and build lifelong customer relationships.

If you too have realized the power of blogging for your business, the next step is to publish an eBook. Of course, it has to be driven by metrics and strategy. This means you will have to judge if the readers of your blog like what you share and are ready to graduate to your eBook.

However, in general, an eBook is a laser-precise way of contributing value to your brand’s website or blog. It’s really simple to create an eBook if you know what you’re talking about. And what can be better than adding value, driving traffic, using your resources and building your mailing list to find that your readers want even more?

Here are the reasons why eBooks are so great for business.

1. eBooks Add Value. Anything that Adds Value, Thrives
Your readers are on your blog because they want information and answers. And you have the answers. They probably trust your word and expertise, or they wouldn’t be reading your blog. This means you add value to their lives. You are a source of resource and information. And information is a hot product.
It follows that an eBook can be a hot product as well. You can use your available resources to create something valuable. As a result, you will find your communities expanding and your brand is enhanced as you grow in stature and influence.

2. eBooks Are Easy to Create and Free
All you have to do is channel your knowledge. You’ve probably already written some great articles and blog posts on your area of interest or your business niche. All you need now is to devote some time to streamlining some of your resources into what you believe can be a good packaged information product. It doesn’t take anything except a little time to produce an eBook. So you get to keep all of the profits.

3. eBooks Are Not Limited to Text and Images
Unlike traditional paper books, the important thing to remember about eBooks is that it doesn’t have to be restricted to text and images. You can include audio clips, video clips, animated GIFs — almost any kind of rich media in your eBook for getting your point across in an attractive and effective way. Think of all the multi-media presentations you could include in the eBook to explain better than words can what you want your customers to know about your business.

4. eBooks Can Be Used to Present Products, Create ‘Previews’ and Offer Trials
A powerful use for eBooks — one often used by marketers — is to demonstrate a product. People love it when they can see the demo of a product before they make a purchase. Include a product demo in your eBook, distribute it, track the viewers that are watching your demo and follow up these leads. You are bound to close several deals in this way.
Creating ‘preview’ chapters for the rest of the book is another way that marketers use eBooks for monetization. Here’s how it works: You can allow the reader to read through a chapter or two of your eBook. Show your readers that you are offering them information that is worthwhile. Then you lock the rest of the book and prompt the reader to pay for the rest of it.

You can also increase sales with your eBook by offering trials of audio, video or text products. These trials can be free or paid. Readers love ‘free trial’ eBooks that they can access for a specific period of time. Usually, the reader’s credit card information is taken at the start. Once the trial period is over, you can charge the customer. If the customer decides they don’t want the product, you can block their access to it from your end.

These are only a few reasons why eBooks are so popular as marketing tools. They cannot stand alone, of course, and must be included with other social media and Internet marketing tools — however, as a complement to online advertising tools, eBooks are highly effective.

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