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June 14, 2013

Google Tops in Mobile Ad Profits

But Facebook and Twitter Also See Revenues Rise

Google really is king of the mountain when it comes to mobile ad revenues.

The search engine firm is predicted to sell more mobile ads in 2013 than all of its chief rivals put together, according to a report released today by research firm eMarketer.

That is nothing new for Google, however. The company earned more than half of the $8.8 billion advertisers worldwide spent on mobile Internet ads last year.

Google made $4.61 billion in mobile Internet ad revenues in 2012, more than tripling its earnings in 2011. eMarketer predicts this year’s mobile revenues will be up an additional 92.1 percent to $8.85 billion.

Facebook may not be in Google’s league yet, but the social network is no slouch when it comes to making money via Internet advertising.

“After making nearly half a billion dollars worldwide on mobile ads last year, Facebook—which had no mobile revenue in 2011—is expected to increase mobile revenues by more than 333 percent to just over $2 billion in 2013, and account for a 12.9 percent share of the global net mobile advertising market,” the report reads.

Twitter, meanwhile, will likely see its slice of the global mobile ad spending  pie grow this year to about two percent of the total, eMarketer said. In the U.S., Twitter will do especially well with a 3.6 percent share.

“Combined, three companies—Google, Facebook and Twitter—account for a consolidating share of mobile advertising revenues worldwide, as other players, such as YP, Pandora, Apple and Millennial Media, see their shares decrease, despite maintaining relatively strong businesses growing at rapid rates,” the report reads.