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June 19, 2013

Vine Popularity Climbing: Report

Vine is climbing its way to the top on Twitter.

New data shows that the video application — which allows users to upload super short video clips to social networking sites — has surpassed Instagram’s popularity in the Google Play store and is competing with YouTube popularity on sites like Twitter.

This comes as a surprise to some analysts, says a report on Marketing Charts, because Vine was only recently released for Android operating systems and is just a little more than 100 days old.

Despite more than 27,000 video links being uploaded to Twitter by brand profiles in May and early June, its user engagement rate was just 0.017 percent higher than Vine — a stat that analysts call “surprising” and even “amazing,” says the report.

Vine saw 5,105 uploads with a 0.031 percent user engagement rate in comparison to YouTube at 0.048 percent.

Furthermore, Vine videos are being uploaded and tweeted at an alarming rate of 300 every minute — or five video links every second, says a study done by Unruly in the last month.

Other findings indicated that Vine videos are uploaded mostly on the weekends and usually between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m., and four percent of the top 100 tracked Vine videos contain branded content.