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Apple Patent Outlines Plans for Enhanced iTunes Radio Functions

illustrated image of apple inc logoApple wants to know what kind of music you’re grooving to and why you like it.

According to a patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office today, Apple is looking to add an option to its iTunes Radio allowing users to explain why they like or dislike a song that pops up on their playlist.

The “Playlist Configuration and Preview” patent explains that the feature would allow a user to provide input “indicating that the user likes or dislikes the music track and the playlist can be adjusted based on the user input.”

Many online music streaming websites already incorporate a similar feature — a thumbs up if the users likes what they hear, a thumbs down if they don’t. iTunes Radio, which currently offers users a selection of 200 different stations — also allows for loosely personalized playlists based on what the user most frequently listens to.

Apple plans to take that feature one step further by allowing users to input why they like or dislike a song. A visual representation of the patent shows a drop down menu with selections like “too fast,” “heavy bass” or “didn’t like.”

By asking for specifics, iTunes Radio can better determine what style of music the user enjoys and provide a more tailored playlist.

Other features of the playlist configuration would include the ability to look ahead at what iTunes Radio has selected for upcoming tracks, allowing the user to remove tracks before they play or change the order. Users will also be able to see playlists of other iTunes Radio subscribers.

Apple unveiled iTunes Radio at the Worldwide Developers Conference held in San Francisco earlier this month.


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