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Foxconn Comes Out With Own Smartwatch: Report

technologyApple supplier Foxconn, no longer content to only manufacture for other companies, is taking a run at the Smartwatch market, beating the iPhone maker to the punch.

Foxconn, also known as Hon Hai, gave a demonstration of its new Smartwatch at an investors meeting earlier this week, the Want China Times reported. The device, which can wirelessly connect to an iPhone to display incoming phone calls and Facebook posts, is a move to boost revenue by capitalizing on the wearable technology trend.

The device can also keep track of the user’s heartbeat, respiration and other vitals. If the user’s vitals are not within optimal range, the watch will automatically offer suggestions on how they can be improved.

Hon Hai chairman Terry Gou said the company plans to add new features to the Smartwatch as well.  One possible feature is fingerprint identification to allow the wearer to record personal health data.

Apple has been rumored for months to have an ‘iWatch’ in the works. It is thought the devices will not hit the market until late this year.

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