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July 15, 2013

Nine Percent of Smartphone Owners Admit to Using Device During Sex

Smartphone addictions have become so all-consuming in the U.S., people use their devices during church, in the shower and even during sex.

According to an online survey conducted by Harris Inter­ac­tive, nearly one in 10 (or nine percent of) Smart­phone owners admit to using their device during sex, while 12 percent have used their device in “unexpected places” such as the shower. Of those who do check their devices during sex, most fall into the 18 to 34 age group.

Taboo times people use their Smartphones are: a movie theater  (35 percent), during a dinner date (33 percent), at a child’s or school function (32 percent) and in a place of worship (19 percent).

The study, recently released by Jumio, Inc., revealed 72 percent of those surveyed admit to being within five feet of their devices at all times or as often as possible.

“People view their Smart­phones as an exten­sion of them­selves, taking them every­where they go – even the most unorthodox places – from the shower to their com­mute, from the dinner table to the bed­room,” said Jumio chief mar­keting and strategy officer Marc Barach.

“And panic sets in when con­sumers are sep­a­rated from their devices, with pri­vacy con­cerns top­ping the list. People have good reason to be on high alert; nearly 30 per­cent of adults admit to snooping on someone else’s mobile phone, making users aware of the poten­tial vio­la­tions that happen when we put our own phones down.”

Unsuprisingly, 12 percent of respondents say their device has come between them and their  partners.