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July 17, 2013

Foursquare Launches Post Check-In Ad Camapign

Advertising has arrived on location-based social network Foursquare — but with a twist.

Foursquare is now making it possible for advertisers to target users based on relevant check-ins, AdAge is reporting. For instance, ads for Captain Morgan, a Diageo brand of rum, pop up after users check in to bars or nightclubs. Diageo reportedly plans to advertise its vodka brand Smirnoff through the post check-in ads beginning next month.

On a more family-friendly note, ads for Toys R Us are displayed after someone checks in to parks or pools.

A Foursquare spokesperson told CNet that Captain Morgan check-in ads were launched on the app July 1, while the Toys R Us advertisements began in June. The company will now begin advertising on a regular basis, the spokesperson said.

According to the AdAge report, Foursquare is charging for the post-check-in ads on a “per action” basis. This means the companies are billed only when a user clicks on the ad or saves it for future use.

The new advertising initiative, which is sure to pad Foursquare’s pockets, comes a year after the social network gave permission for companies to promote their updates for a fee.