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July 17, 2013

Stop Worrying About Your Grammar — You Can Write an EBook for Your Business

eBooks can be a very effective marketing tool. Some companies choose to use them as giveaways, signing bonuses and even as part of their merchandise. It’s not uncommon for someone to have an idea about an eBook topic as well as a way to use the book. However, when it comes to the actual writing process, the person is often overwhelmed by the amount of work that goes into creating an eBook. Don’t despair; you don’t have to worry about your grammar when it comes to creating an eBook for your business. There’s another option.

Stop Fretting and Start Writing

If you don’t sit down and at least start to write, you won’t have to worry about grammar because the eBook will never be anything other than an idea you carry around with you. The only thing that separates people who become writers from those who simply dream about it is that some people set their fear aside and start getting words down on paper. Even more importantly, they make it a point to write every single day, even when they don’t want to.

Set a Writing Goal

Before starting your project you should devote some time to planning. You don’t need to create a complex, or even a formal outline, but you should at least have a broad list of the eBook’s general theme and the sub-topics you wish to address. Once you’ve created this list, you will be able to set daily writing goals for yourself. You can choose to write about one sub-topic a day, or you can write a predetermined number of words instead.

Write Your Thoughts

There will be times when you find yourself thinking the words you’re putting on paper, and the basic structure of your book, aren’t good enough. You will find yourself questioning your abilities as a writer. These self-doubts are nothing more than your inner critic playing tricks on your psyche. When this happens, the best thing you can do is to push through. Ignore the inner voice and continue to write. You will always be able to go back and rewrite any parts that don’t work.

Don’t expect tuning your inner editor out to be an easy process. It won’t be. It’s going to take a great deal of determination and will power. The good news is, like all things, this will get easier with practice. If you encounter days you simply can’t make it be quiet, force yourself to write another half a page and then turn your computer off. It’s possible you need a vacation or at least a break from your book. While you shouldn’t give into your inner critic very often, once in a while, going for a walk or taking a day off might be what you need to get excited about the project again.

Stop Editing as You Write

It’s tempting to take the time to stop and think about every single word as you put it down on paper. You need to resist this impulse. Yes, you want your eBook for errors, but you don’t want to spend 10 years trying to write it. By then, the information will be invalid. Force yourself to continue writing toward  — don’t even think about the words you’ve already written. Once you’ve completed the project, you’ll be able to read it over and decide what parts to keep and which parts should be discarded and written over again.

Keep in mind that all authors, even the ones who seem to have a regular spot on the bestsellers lit have to go back and write another draft.

Don’t Try to Publish On Your Own

Writing is hard, but assessing the quality of the eBook you’ve just drafted will be harder still. You shouldn’t even think about doing this on your own. You need to get help from another source. Thanks to eBook writing services you don’t have to convince your best friends to read the book over and over again in hopes he or she will notice any errors you’ve made. Get professional assistance.

Content writing services are the answer. Remember, each one has it’s specialty. Such services will provide you with a detailed report about what they have found, both the grammatical errors and the sections where your content wasn’t as in depth as it should be. With a little professional help, your eBook will be polished, published, and ready to be a very effective marketing tool.

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