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July 22, 2013

What to Consider When Crafting a Killer Subject Line

E-mail subject lines are like gift wraps. The more interesting, creative and appealing a gift wrap is, the more attention it gets from the receiver.

More relatively, think of a diamond ring with two box options, one box is just a mere box, a plain one; but the other, is made of red velvet and, when you open it, a small bulb lights up and the rays of that light fall on the precious stone adding to its superiority. Which box would you fall in love with? I’d love the velvet one because it is interesting and creative, and for its ability to highlight the content it contains.

A subject line acts the same way for an e-mail. Here are five things to check off your list when you write your next subject line:

Be specific

A killer subject line is always specific; it highlights the purpose of the content. The subject line should always be relevant to the material that the e-mail contains. If the e-mail offers discounts on leather items, mention the same.

‘Guess what we have in store for you? Great deals!’ and other such subject lines must be avoided. Specific, relevant, original and simple are the key words. This not only attracts more customers to open and go through your e-mail but also, gives people the idea that you and your e-mail are genuine and you don’t deserved to be marked as junk.

Encourage conciseness

It is highly recommended the subject line not exceed seven words. It is the subject line, not the storyboard. Express the content in the least possible words. Be as concise as possible. Keep the subject line short and simple.


Let the creativity flow

Nobody wants to open a message that sounds too boring. Make sure you clatter that grey mass up there for a few crazy ideas to ripple off so you can draft a subject line that not only delivers your message, but also is creative and imaginative.

Emphasize the urgency of action

Make the subject line appealing and urgent. Portray the urgency of action in the subject line, but do not make this a habit, consistent urgencies in actions may lead to a disaster in the long run. Only use the urgent call of action when required. For example, you can use this technique when warning for expiration of subscription, declaring discounts and other offers that require action before a specific date and time.


Avoid overuse of punctuations and uppercase

Subject lines that overdo exclamation marks, question marks and uppercase characters are likely to get rejected through the spam filter in most of the e-mail providers. However, if by any chance they reach the inbox, they will be marked as spam by the users. So keep their use to a minimum.


BONUS TIP: Highlight you and them

Initially, when you try to reach your customers, build trust and connection. Once they trust you and connect with you as a business that adds value to their lives, it becomes a lot easier to reach your customers and boost sales. Once your relationship with them is established, try to highlight that in the subject line. This will result in more clicks that increase the chances of sales.

Brian Harte is a professional blogger currently working for Elite Email, the best e-mail marketing service provider.