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July 23, 2013

Flipboard Comes to the Desktop

Flipboard Magazines Can Now Be Read on Web Browsers

Flipboard is making its way to desktops and laptops after three years as an app for tablets and, more recently, Smartphones.

Beginning today, anyone can read magazines created on Flipboard from their Web browsers.

“Millions of magazines have been curated by Flipboard readers, covering just about every topic imaginable, and now, for the first time, when people share those magazines, others will be able to enjoy them right from their desktop computer,” reads a Flipboard blog post.

“The Web magazines were uniquely designed for desktop browsing, all with Flipboard’s signature look and feel. Each magazine has an expansive, full-bleed cover, and pages can be ‘flipped’ from left and right, just like on mobile devices. Curators can continue to add content to their magazines from the Web and other Web magazines, but now they have a significant new way to grow readership.”


Flipboard for the Web.

Flipboard for the Web.

Flipboard released an update in late March that enabled its readers to create magazines with items that interest them using Web content from around the world. Since then, more than two million magazines have been created by Flipboard readers.

So far, the only way to get the full Flipboard experience is to download the app on a mobile device. Flipboad’s complete feature line up for the Web is to be available in early 2014.

Flipboard for the desktop is compatible with Internet Explorer 9, Safari, Chrome and Firefox, and can be read in 11 languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese, French and German.



Flipboard magazines have three main purposes: to allow readers to fashion their own publications based on hobbies or personal interests that they can share with friends and family; to allow readers to collect articles, data and information to help them in their career or business; or, for publishers, to share archival content, publish collections or package together stories for their clients, customers or readers.

All magazines are public (unless the creator makes it private) which means they can collect an audience, be shared, liked and commented on. Flipboard users can even subscribe to magazines that interest them. When someone interacts with a magazine, the owner will receive a Flipboard notification.

Collecting Content

There are two ways to collect content for a magazine: by using the ‘+’ button to grab items found in Flipboard or by using the Flipboard bookmarklet to choose content from the Web.

Using the + Button

To get started tap the ‘+’ button on items within Flipboard, then select ‘create magazine.’ Next, give the magazine a title, add a description and select a category.

Items can still be added even after the magazine is created. Attribution back to the source is preserved for each item added. If the content is from a social network such as Facebook, comments and likes are also reflected.

Flipboard for iPad

Flipboard for iPad

Using ‘Flip It’ Bookmarklet

The Flip it bookmarklet, which is available at, is similar to Pinterest’s ‘Pin it’ button.

In Firefox, make sure the bookmarks bar is visible — go to ‘view/toolbars’ in the Firefox menu and verify there is a check mark beside ‘bookmarks bar.’ Once the bar is visible, drag and drop the ‘Flip It’ button in the bookmarks bar.

To install the button on an iPad or iPhone, click here for instructions.

Managing Magazines

There are several tools that enable users to manage and share their magazines. To change the cover of a magazine, tap and hold an item in the magazine to ‘promote to cover.’ To delete a magazine or make it private, use the ‘edit’ button on the cover of the magazine. Also on the cover is a ‘share’ button so the publication can be shared via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter.

Content Search, accessible at the top of each page, “lets readers find anything being shared on Flipboard, with search results laid out in Flipboard’s familiar format — essentially creating a whole new magazine just on that search term,” the press release reads.

“To get inspired or discover new magazines, readers can use Flipboard’s Content Search to find great content by topic, person or #hashtag. By selecting Flipboard’s search results, readers get an instant magazine of everything being shared on Flipboard.”