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July 23, 2013

Google Drives 25 Percent of North American Internet Use

Google truly is king of the Internet boasting 25 percent off all North American online traffic — a new Web record.

In fact, Google has become so prevalent in the online world, 62 percent of all end users and their devices exchange traffic with Gmail, Google search, YouTube and Google Maps during the course of an average day, according to analytics firm Deepfield.

Deepfield’s said Google would control an even larger share had it analyzed only computers, Smartphones and tablets. However, the company also took into account game consoles, home media appliances, and other embedded devices.

“While it is old news that Google is BIG , the sheer scale and dominance of Google in the Internet infrastructure has significant implications on network design and evolution,” said DeepField founder Craig Labovitz in a blog post. When we last published some large-scale measurements in 2010, Google represented (a now seemingly small) six percent of Internet traffic. Today, Google now accounts for nearly 25 percent of Internet traffic on average.”


Although Deepfield does not say what is responsible for the giant leap Google has made in the last three years, it is thought YouTube is likely the driving force behind the technology company’s rapid rise.

To put the numbers into perspective, Google serves up more data than Facebook, Instagram and Twitter combined. Only Netflix has larger bandwidth than Google and that is during the evening prime time hours and the Internet television service’s cache update periods in the early morning.

“Google’s Internet presence has come with the deployment of thousands of Google servers in Internet providers around the world,” Labovitz added. “With little press coverage or fanfare, Google has deployed (Google Global Cache) servers in the majority of U.S. Internet providers. By comparison, we observed GGC deployments mostly in Asia, Africa and Latin America when we last did a large scale study in 2010.”