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July 24, 2013

Apple Tops Samsung in Mobile Ad Traffic in 2Q

Apple and Samsung may be even when it comes to mobile ad impressions, but the iOS platform was the overall mobile ad traffic winner in the second quarter.

When comparing mobile phones using iOS and Android, both operating systems appear to be neck-and-neck when it comes to ad impressions, with slightly more than 30 percent each, according to an analysis by Opera Mediaworks.

iOS, however, leads the market in both impression volume and revenue generation, nabbing nearly 44 percent of all ad impressions and nearly 50 percent of all revenue.

Although Android pulled ahead of the iPhone last year — 31 percent to 29 percent — the iPhone has regained lost ground and has been within one percentage point ever since.

“The iPhone still triumphs in terms of monetization, however, with 36.4 percent of revenue versus Android’s 27.8 percent,” reads an Opera Mediaworks blog post. “And while in Q1 Android tablets began appearing in our data set, their market share is still almost imperceptible.”

Apple remains the No. 1 manufacturer of Smart devices, with 43.8 percent of all impressions served on its phones. Samsung is a distant second with a 17.4 percent share. When it comes to tablets, Apple garners 91.2 percent and Samsung 6.1 percent.

Of Android devices, Samsung leads the pack with 58.5 percent of impressions — HTC, Motorola and LG fall far short, ranging from seven to 11 percent.