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Are you a Socialite?

exclusive-social-bWith social media coloring the way SEO operates and, thus, how online marketing works, it is time to lay the ground rules for a strong social presence.

Your social media presence is kind of like a loveable PR guy who goes to the same gatherings as your customers to connect with them on a more personal level. Any good company knows that PR guy is a priceless resource. Why? Because your clients trust him, they can relate to him and talk to him, unlike your more stuffy employees.

Your social media is like that popular PR guy — the key to the hearts and wallets of your clients. It is a platform where all mingle, sharing thoughts and voicing opinions. The big question is which platform should you use?

Platform nine and three quarters:

First thing’s first. Decide which one, of the many social media options out there, is the right one to work its magic on your company’s social presence. It is impractical, and a bad overall strategy to pursue them all. Two main points to consider are:

What do you want out of your social presence? 

Do you want to post updates, or have competitions? Or is it a better idea to post frequent videos of tutorials? Or perhaps pictures are a better representation of your work. There are dedicated social sites that cover different aspects of Internet interaction. Look around and find your match — it’s a long list, with everything from YouTube to Pinterest to Facebook.


Where is your audience? Go where they are. If you sell camcorders for example, most of your audience might be on YouTube, so a channel reviewing different camcorders might be best.

Blogging as Bait

Everybody blogs: social groups, sororities, businesses … the list is endless. Starting up a business blog is a great way to connect with your target audience and get the word out about your products and/or services. No matter what group you want to target, a blog can reach anyone with a computer and an Internet connection.

Having an active blog puts you above the competition that does not bother with blogging. A blog offers a number of benefits such as allowing you to build brand awareness, letting you show off how much you know about your field, helping you make contacts with others in the same field and with your clients and generating leads.

One word of caution: never, ever duplicate content. It leaves your readers with an unfavorable impression and can ruin your credibility forever.

Tweet! It’s short and sweet:

No matter what you decide to do as part of your social media campaign, tweeting about it is often a great idea. It’s easy, it’s quick, and it will bring all your social activities together on one platform. On Twitter, you can post what you’ve been doing on other sites keeping all who follow you aware of what you are posting on other social networking platforms.

Twitter cards, meanwhile, enable tweets containing links to be displayed more vividly. These tweets have way more content than the average post. Twitter has a number of these types of cards to aid promotional tweets, like Summary, Product, Photo, Summary Large Image, Player, App and Gallery.

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