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The Smart Bootie Keeps Parents Informed on Infants’ Breathing, Other Vitals

Owlet Vitals MonitorTechnology is coming to the rescue of all new parents.

Owlet Baby Care is taking the weight of one worry off the shoulders of moms and dads of newborns with its Smart bootie — a device that monitors  infants’ breathing and a handful of other vitals.

The Smart sock, which transmits information to a parent’s Smartphone or tablet, essentially keeps parents informed if something is wrong. The device  tracks infants’ sleep position, heart rate, skin temperature, sleep quality and blood oxygenation levels.

“Get a snapshot into your child’s wellbeing,” the website reads. “Less stress equals a longer and fuller life. Our goal at Owlet is to give you one less thing to stress about.”

The company says the Owlet Vitals Monitor not only helps moms and dads to sleep guilt-free, it enables parents to present their baby’s pediatrician with a print out of a week’s worth of the child’s health information.

“Imagine how much you will impress your pediatrician when you bring hundreds of data points of your child’s skin temperature, heart rate, oxygen levels, and sleep quality,” the website says. “With Owlet be more confident that you and your pediatrician aren’t overlooking signs of health complications that could become dangerous if left unchecked.”

Owlet also has a goal of improving the health of babies by providing a comprehensive database that can be used by doctors around the globe.

The data of babies who wear Owlet can be shared — with parents’ permission only — to create “the largest set of infant vitals data in history.”

“More data means more breakthroughs and more breakthroughs mean more insight into saving infant lives,” the company says, adding that all data will be anonymous.

Owlet is currently raising funds for the project with a goal of $100,000. As of 11:30 a.m., $41,026 had been raised with 28 days to go. The company is requesting pledges of $159 to get an early-bird discount, $40 off the regular price of $199.

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  • Wow, it’s incredible how far we have come with technology. Being able to print out the week’s vitals for a pediatrician is something parents haven’t been able to do before. My only word of advice would be that you can’t completely depend upon technology.