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Stop Trying To Sell From Within Your Articles

article writingWhen done well, article marketing continues to be one of the most effective methods of promotion that one could employ online.

However, many people are confused when they hear article marketing is an effective promotion technique. They are confused, because they believe they should promote their offer directly inside the article. But, that assumption is the furthest thing from the truth.

You should never promote your offer within the body of the article — never!

Instead, you should create content that publishers want to publish and readers want to read, within the body of the article.

All promotional language should be confined to the ‘about the author’ section, also called the author’s ‘resource box.’

There Are Three Factors That Must Be Considered

  1. Publishers don’t want to publish your advertisements for free. If you want to advertise to their readers, they rightly feel that you should just buy advertising. However, if you are willing to educate or entertain their readers, publishers are willing to let you place a small advertisement for your business at the end of the article you provided to the publisher.
  2. Readers don’t open newsletters so that they can read the ads. They read the content, then take in the ads, while reading the content or immediately after they finish reading the content.
  3. The article is intended to be the content that will make all parties happy.

Inside Article Marketing 101

As article writers, we need to win the support of publishers, because publishers give us the one thing we need more than anything else: an audience.

But, publishers are not just going to give us access to their audiences, unless we are first willing to give them the value they are looking to find and the value their readers demand.

Publishers make their money by building an audience and selling advertising to businesses that want to talk to their audience.

Believe it or not, publishers will defend what they have built, from people who want to take value without giving value in return.

Any publisher who is willing to put the desires of article writers over the wants and needs of their readers is a publisher who will soon be out of business, without anything to show for all of their hard work.

The bottom line is, it is difficult to win and keep the attention of readers. With as much competition as there is out there for time, attention and eyeballs, publishers will be very protective of what they have built.

Readers want useful information, answers to common problems, and information that will help them improve their lives. If the publisher is unwilling or incapable of giving readers what they want, readers will go elsewhere to get their fix.

If you want an audience for your articles, you must always keep in the forefront of your mind the goals and desires of publishers, and the wants and needs of readers.

Give publishers what they want — real value for their readers, and they will give you what you want — access to an interested and captive audience.

Finding An Audience For Your Articles

The articles that we write are a means to an end.

As article writers, we want access to a large audience, and we want to attract the attention and dollars of many of the people reading our articles.

We must get our articles in front of the publishers, who might want to publish our articles. We generally do that through article directories.

If you let the naysayers lead your thoughts, you will think that article directories are now dead and useless to everyone. But, that is just not the case.

Article directories is where article writers put their content to be found by publishers, and it is where publishers go to find content worth sharing with their audiences.

That has always been the expressed purpose of article directories, but all of that was turned on its head for a number of years, because Google was allowing article directories to rank in Google’s search engine.

It should never have been that way, but Google allowed it to happen for a number of years.

Google finally pulled its collective head from its ass a few years ago, with the Farmer Update, and it no longer ranks articles from inside the article directories in its search results.

It is for this reason that so many people try to say that article marketing is a long-dead promotion method, but that comes from people who never really understood the nature of article marketing to begin with.

I shared this analogy the other day with a friend, and it was worth sharing here as well…

My 10-year-old absolutely loves the show on the History Channel called, American Pickers.

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz travel the country looking in junk yards and storage sheds looking for the bits of history that are worth sharing with the world even today. They will go into what many will call the “trash bin of history” and they will “pick” select products to purchase that they will later sell in their antique store.

Article directories are like those junk yards, where all kinds of rubbish can be found. And publishers are like the “pickers” who find the golden pieces that are worth sharing with others.

Maximizing Your Real Potential

Like I have said before, we must give real value to publishers to find the audiences we want for our articles, and we must give real value to readers in order to attract readers to our offers.

We must win the attention of publishers and readers with a compelling article title.

We must maintain the attention of publishers and readers with the opening paragraphs of our articles.

We must keep the attention of readers until the end of the article.

We must create, within the body of the article, satisfaction in the mind of the readers. This is essential for getting readers to want to read our author’s ‘resource box.’

And, we must provide a compelling call-to-action to get readers to take the actions we want them to take in our author’s ‘resource box.’

Articles that don’t lead readers to take the action we want readers to take should be considered a failure — better defined as a missed and lost opportunity.

This is important, because the only way that an article writer will be rewarded for the time they spend writing is when readers look to find out more about the author and what he or she can do for them.

Anything Less Is a Failure

Any article marketing campaign has a very real potential to bring

huge rewards to the marketer, who chooses to employ this marketing method.

Yet, any marketer who makes the mistake of thinking that it is a good idea to sell an offer from within the body of the article deserves the failure they will find at the end of the road.

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  • Well written article. Publishing informative articles alone is enough to raise interest in your product or service. I couldn’t agree more. Thanks.

  • i agree that This is important, because the only way that an article writer will be rewarded for the time they spend writing is when readers look to find out more about the author and what he or she can do for them.